Grado Blue vs. Shure M97xE

Anyone familiar with these two cartridges? I'm looking for something on the warm side, with full bass and midrange. My local cartridge outlet, the Needle Doctor, recommended these two as the best in the under $100 category. The Shure's $94, the Grado is $80. Any suggestions on which to pick?
I've heard both, and there are tradeoffs with both. Of the two, the Shure is probably a bit more neutral, and the Grado reveals a bit more detail. But these differences are going to be fairly subtle unless you own a very high resolution system (which seems unlikely, given the price range of these cartridges.) My strong recommendation is to spend some extra money and get a Shure V15xMR, which will compete well with all but the most expensive moving coils. The last time I checked with a company called "Garage-a-Records" (they have a Web site), they were selling the Shure V15xMR for about $225 (the MSRP is $375).
Thanks for the responses. Harrell, why are you so enthusiastic about the Grado? SDcampbell, yes, you are correct to assume that I don't have the highest resolution system, given the prices of these cartridges.
Every Grado I ever owned was a hum problem or prone to
picking up hum. Every Shure I owned was quiet and hum
free. Also, the Ortofons and Denons were quite hum free.
There are tables that tolerate the Grado and arms that do,
...just be sure you have such a table and arm...