Shure VN5xMR stylus on a M97XE cartridge

Has anyone tried this combo ? I have been trying to find a used Shure V15Vxmr but no luck at a reasonable price, so a local dealer says the V15 stylus on the M97xe body will sound the same as a V15. Pickering says the stylus fits the M97 body but that they are not exactly the same and have never tested the hybrid V15 stylus and M97 cart.
The VN5xMR will fit properly on the M97x body.

An M97x body with a VN5xMR stylus should sound better than the N97xE stylus. It is a much better stylus. But I kind of doubt it will sound the same as the V15 on a high end system.

I actually own both a M97xE and the V15VxMR. I guess a test face off using the same stylus in both, is in order when I have time.

Thanks for the reply. I would be very interested in the result of your comparison test.