Shure V15VMXR compatible with Scott 299B?

Will the phono stage in the Scott 299B (unmoded) be strong enough to push a good image with this MM cartridge? I've heard that low output MC cartridges and MM cartridges need a solid phono stage.

I'm looking at a Scott for a tube-only system. Can I find a good vintage McIntosh tube integrated amp in the same price neighborhood ($500), and would I be better off with the McIntosh anyway? I've heard the Scott 299B, much like the Shure V15, outperforms its counterparts at 3 times the price.
Check the input sensitivity on the Scott vs the output of the Shure, but typically, MM carts have a high enough output to drive any phono stage. Its usually just the low output MC carts where there is a potential problem.
The scott is a great amp... I have the 299(a) Your cartridge will work fine with your amp. My amp is stock also except for a fancy new power cord which was a nice upgrade. I did recently have to replace one of the main filter caps but everything else has been great. Otherwise if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I don't think you could find anything reasonably priced from McIntosh or anyone else for that matter that would beat it.
I have mine running with a $1600 cd player and $1500 speakers and it is great.