Anti Cables to join my system, are they enough?

I have Tara Labs interconnects between amp, pre and cd player, all Levinson, and i need some speaker cables to join them. They´re brand new for me, i never heard about before and all i know, till now, is the incredible quality in a certain kind of equipment. The Anti Cables low cost is very attractive, but who knows how do they work in this level? I need some advices...
Strongly considered them, read many good things, but never audtioned them. I took a look at some pictures of systems with them, and instead of being unobtrusive, as you would expect for their size, I don't think they look good, hanging in the air, going every which way. I actually think they draw more attention to themselves than big water hose cable. Before I get nastygrams from loyal anticable users, let me say that I'm sure there are some nice set-ups out there.

What kind of speakers do you have?
Well, I have to say that the Anticables are not particularly impressive looking. My system is designed such that all wiring is hidden, however, so that isn't a concern. From a performance standpoint, they may not be the best there is, but the system sounds so good that I'm not sure if I want or need to go beyond where I am right now. To me the effect of this product is like not having any cables at all. It's just music there in space sounding as close to real as I have ever heard. I guess that's enough for me.
Read all you want, get all the opinions you can stand, then order them and decide for yourself. 30 day return policy only costs $10 if you send them back. Why not?
I use anti-cables and needed some artwork to soften the wall behind the speakers. I commissioned an artist who found the Anti_Cables so aesthetically pleasing he painted a triptych for me with my Vandersteen 5A Kawazingo wood pattern as a backdrop to suspended anti-cables. Click onto my system and see for yourself.
I got some and was glad to get half of my money back when I sold them, I know several others who have had the same experience. HOWEVER, others swear by them. IF I was going to try them again I would just purchase magnet wire and make my own improved version by twisting several wires together, The wire runs about 60 cents a foot , I found that Surplus Sales of Nebraska had a good selection.
I just don't get it. You (Stringreen) have a gorgeous system except for those cables. I'm not saying I'm one to talk, I've got a bit of a rat's nest behind my rack. (My pics make it look worse than it is because of the camera angle.) But I think your very beautiful speakers and that interesting and tasteful artwork would look so much better with a cable lying gently and evenly on the floor from amp to speaker (and from rack to amp): it would look fluid instead of wild, and not distract the eye from the way the art and speaker compliment one another. As it is, the eye is drawn to the cables, because you are trying to mimic with the cables the movement of the artwork from upper left to lower right. But (based on the pics, maybe it looks different in person) I'd say that you are making a mistake. But that's just me.
I am using them (the speaker cables)in my main system and love their sound. Other cables I've used were Kimber 8TC shotgun, Analysis Plus Oval 9s, and Cardas Cross. The anti cables just sounded better, more and tighter bass in my system. When I first got them, it was the first time I heard that big of a difference in long time in any component let alone speaker cables. Hey try em' and return if you don't like em'.
I borrowed speaker and IC cables about a year ago to try and thought they fell short of anything I would want in my system..I guess at the price point there OK but certainly not in the same league as other cables Ive used
I did not care for how stiff the cables are. Like they are made from the hangers at the dry cleaner.
Wow, lots of opinions, but I guess it all
depends on system synergy! I just got a pair
with 8 jumpers for my Maggies, and they sound
just fantastic!!
I have waisted?? a lot of $$ in the past on cables, but
I don't see buying any other cables for awhile.
Next will be some Anti IC's.
I've bought a set a couple of years ago. They sounded like what $50 speaker cables sound like. They are now in the closet somewhere. Don't expect any miracles. You get what you pay for.
In audio you DO NOT get what you pay for. Like any other field some things are bargains and others are ridiculously priced. There is no sensibility at all for the prices that audio equipment costs. The only thing that matters is how it sounds in your system. If it doesn't work for someone else, who knows why? System synergy, a bad hair day, sunspots, karma? Try them for yourself and don't listen to what anyone else says. This entire industry is built on hearsay, magazine reviews, best ratings, and BS. Ignore the pundits and the self-proclaimed experts. Its your money.
A case in point is the digital source in Jylee's system. A PS1. How can that be? Because, in his system, it simply works. No one else can be the judge. Does the PS1 work in all systems? Of course not. But it does in his. And for $50. Go figure.
Hi Nyctc7,

Thanks for your answer.
I have a pair of Extrema (Sonus Faber).
That´s true, so far.
Tgrisham, that's correct I still keep my PS1 around. The difference is though, I don't go around telling people that PS1 sounds better than any $$$ CD players.
Anticables are well worth the money and surpassed many higher priced cables that I was using in my system. I finally have stopped the cable search (for now) and am very happy with them. The only drawback that I have found is they take a long time to burn in (if you believe in burn in). I think the folks that are disappointed are the ones that wind up selling them because they didn't allow enough time to pass. I kid you not when I say that my Anticables took about 400-500 hours to reach their optimum.
This pains me but I agree with Stanwal.

I had a used pair here for about 2 weeks and tried them in 3 different systems.

Generally they are lean, without body, and lack detail when used in very high resolving systems.

Now to appease all the flame throwers, not that I care, they are an extrememly high value product. The QPR is virtually unmatched.

I wonder if nearly pure copper wire, of any kind, is close to the standard of electrical transmission from amplifier to speaker given that most speakers use copper internally from binding post to driver. Any other form of electrical transmission is designed to change the impedance, capacitance or resistance and therefore alter the sound to suit the arrangement of amplifier and speaker interface. If so, then the choice of speaker wire is more a function of amplifier and speaker interaction to suit a particular taste than a purely electrical phenomenon. Is this an accurate interpretation of the interaction?
I generally agree with Bill (Audiofeil). Of the cables that I've tried, they have an unmatched price-performance ratio. But in my system, the interconnects and speaker cables didn't have the detail of some pricier cables. You also need to be careful about interference from other devices; there was a lot of interference introduced into the signal (static sound) if the cables were not spaced properly or if they touched the floor. But having said that, if I were to spend only $100-200 or so on a new cable this would be the one. I keep mine around as spares.
I've got anti-wires to my speakers and they were a big improvement over the audioquest wires I had before. At the time it sounded like someone had windexed my speakers. I'm sure there are better cables out there, but for $100 a pair they're at least worth trying. If you're not happy with them THEN go blow a wad of dough.
If you're not happy with them THEN go blow a wad of dough.

You dont have to if you buy used on this site,great deals everywhere
Has anyone ever here ever heard of cryo'ed Anti-Cables? I am thinking about giving it a try.
I recently tried the anti cables on short run 4ft from mono blocks. I figured for the price, why not. Other than how hard they are to get on the binding post (Stiff!). I was very very surprised. I think you would have to spend a boat load before you found something better and then you would wonder, is it worth it?

I am curious to perhaps try SoundString since I bought their IC's and really like them (over my previous Kimber SS)
Here's an interesting comparo - A buddy lent me a pair of Nordost Flatline Gold speaker cables to try. I put them in this morning, replacing my Anti-Cables, and I don't like the change. The bass is less punchy and the overall soundstage is less defined. Plus, to my ears they sound a little bright. I'm taking them out right now.
For what it's worth, I used Cardas Neutral reference for years because I didn't want to have to worry about what, if anything, the cables were doing to the sound. Tried Anti-Cables and sold all my Cardas in all my sustems. I never heard my Spendors sound so wonderful. The ICs are equally impressive, IMO. Heck, just try 'em out and send 'em back if you don't like them!

I cannot imagine, given how many people have sold off mega $$$ cables upon getting the Speltz, why curiosity wouldn't lead one to see what the fuss is about.