Another 'Which Amp' Question

Looking for recommendations for an amp of 100-200WPC to replace my current setup.

Present system:
Dahlquist DQ10’s (recapped, mirrored)
Mcintosh C28 Preamp
SAE A202 Power amp

Budget is somewhat limited, I was hoping to keep it at $1500 or less if possible for something along the lines of a Bryston (4b), Krell (KST100), Mac (2205), Threshold or other reasonably ’high end’ amp. Perhaps some day in the future I might trade up to a pair of Logan CLS II’s (or other...) in which case the amp would be powering those, but that’s a long way off for now.

I used to have a Mac 2150 before I owned these speakers, and what it did to my friend’s set of Paradigms was amazing. I can only guess that there would be a dramatic improvement over the present SAE amp which is just ’alright’... it drives the speakers well enough but lacks soundstage. Looking for the next step up.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Audio Research 100.2 if 100 watts is enough. Don't come up often and when they do they don't last long. Very musical amp with magic that destroys newer amps made today at its used price. Look it up on the web.
Check out these amps, they should fit the bill!
You would do really well with a Class D from B&O or Hypex. :) The Mc will keep the sound warm, and the amp will transmit everything.

Alternatively, Parasound A23 or A21 would be very good choices.  Class A until 20-ish watts.


You could take a look at the Bel Canto c5i integrated amp.  

Might be more than you are looking for but has everything one would need for a top performing modern system in one box about the size of a shoebox for about the cost of most any decent quality power amp alone these days.

Would do nicely with those speakers and probably totally transform the sound.   Also has built in DAC for digital and phono pre-amp for vinyl. 

I picked one up used here for about $1000 and can't say enough good things about it.   Its all the hifi most people would ever  need.
Looks like I'm narrowing it down to only a handful of choices based on what's available in my area since I'm just not comfortable having delicate equipment shipped.  Did that once and it was a disaster.

Of these, which would you choose?
Krell KST100
Bryston 4B or 4BST

If you're thinking someday to get your hands on a set of ML CLS II's, I wouldn't just walk but run away from the Krell KST100. Never heard them together but have separately. I think that combination could be cold, lean and fatiguing. I'll admit I've never been much of a Krell fan.

I'd lean towards the Bryston 4B-ST if those are your only options locally. If you have a Parasound dealer, drag home one of the Halo amps as they are very good. I've never listened to any of the Odysses Audio gear but they get a ton of great press here and I believe they're a direct buy company. I'm sure they have a return policy so not much risk there.
Fair enough.

Actually, a couple other amps popped up on the radar, one of which is a Parasound Halo.  There's also the 4BST, though it's a 3-digit date code which tells me it's well out of warranty, which gives me a moment of pause.

I'm taking a huge leap buying an amp 'sight unseen'.  My hope is to improve the performance of the DQ10's beyond what they're doing with the old SAE amp.  My old MC2150 did wonders to the imaging and presence of a friend's Paradigm speakers, so I can only hope a better quality amp would offer similar improvements.

Still hoping for some other viewpoints.  Thanks!

I have a Parasound A21 and have had an Odyssey Stratos. They was no comparison, the John Curl designed A21 was much better. Better built, better sound, great current and better customer service. The A21 has had no problem driving any speaker even my Magnepans. It is neutral and powerful. I think the Bryston is also a good choice. My two cents... good luck.

BTW I had an SAE 501 amp and P101 preamp a long time ago in the 80's. The A21 is FAR superior to that amp.
For the same price as the A21 you can get a Classe CA2100.. which I prefer from the 2.. I've owned both and still have the CA2100... more detail, fully balanced, made in Canada, not Taiwan..  built like a tank...
Ok, down to:

Mac (one of three)
4B (ST or SST)
Parasound Halo A21

For those who recommended replacing the C28, please share your thoughts on why, and what you'd suggest in its place.

Thanks to all!
So the question is, do you really need the Parasound A21 or is the A23 (125/ch) as good? The latter is available at 1K new, $600-$700 used. 

It is also much easier to hide. :)


If ever I get that pair of CLSII's I've been wanting, the extra power would be helpful.  Besides, the DQ10's are pretty demanding, also.

Trying to economize as much as possible while making the best pick.  I think it's down to the Bryston or Halo, if I can find the right deal.
Channel Island amps very veryNice with a MC pre should  be sweet
Check them out you won't find better for the price.
Howdy, folks.  Just wanted to chime in and let y'all know I pulled the trigger on a very good condition 4BST Pro last night.  Should be here by Monday.  Wish me luck!  Next will be replacing the C28... I'll start another post on that subject shortly.

Thanks for everyone's input!