Classe Six (or DR-6) preamp-voltage question-power supply output to preamp

Hey guys, a pair of Classe DR-8's is what got me started on Audiogon... fell in love with these things in the first 30 seconds of listening... found them on the marketplace here. Anyway, I recently picked up a Classe Six (6LRC) preamp, without the power supply. I figured I would round up the power supply after some point in time.. however this has not happened. I'm building a power supply that will be compatible running the Six preamp and, nobody, including the current folks over at Classe, seems to know what output voltage the power supply that shipped with the Six provides to the preamp. (Classe had a separate power supply connected with a 4 pin XLR power cable to the preamp... to help minimize noise in the main preamp chassis). I believe the predecessor the DR-6 (Dave Reich's model) had a 3 pin power cable.. but could be wrong. I have a feeling both models still operated at the same voltage..

Does anyone, have a Six or, I believe the DR-6 is going to be the same, and either know what voltage is being provided to the preamp, OR, have a multimeter and 3 seconds of time, and can tell me the voltages on each of the 4 pins of the XLR power cable to the preamp, from the power supply. (I do know it is designed around 50 watts)

I would be forever and humbly grateful.