Andrew Singer of Sound By Singer

I recently purchased a demo pair of Harbeth SHL5 speakers on Audiogon from Sound By Singer. They were double boxed in the original factory cartons plus an additional outer box for protection. This was done as an extra precaution by Singer and greatly appreciated. After receiving them, I discovered a small tear in the fabric of one of the grilles. Mr. Andrew Singer handled the issue personally and shipped me a new grille along with the tool for removing the grill - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This kind of personal attention and customer service is as good as it gets.
Its good to see that he's finally getting it right. It wasn't always the case.
I agree with the above comments of Zd542. The worst transaction I have ever had on Audiogon was with Mr. Singer a couple of years ago. I had to spend over $1,000 to get a supposedly "new with factory warranty" amp repaired, as well as replacing the complete set of input, output and driver tubes on the amp that he claimed only had 50 hours of use on them. (all the tubes were either dead or bad, the amp had other problems, and the factory warranty was expired!) He offered me $100 to make the problems "go away", then he washed his hands of the deal.
Nice! AudioJerry-

it is important to post both positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ these retailers- keep us posted and happy listening!
Last time I was in Sound By Singer, about a year before it shut down, a concerning % of the very expensive esoteric gear I encountered either did not sound right or had operational defects. Just saying.

Always glad to hear about good customer service though.
I cope with ZD...
Andrew was showing an attitude of ignorance very often when he was asked question about budget components, speakers which I've never seen in let's say John Rutan from Audioconnection. He's the champion of tri-state audio dealers 100%.
Bob from Rhapsody Music is the best dealer in NY.