Amplifier Question

I recently made an offer to buy a Classe CA-400 for $2,000. My question is whether this much power is needed to drive a pair of Tyler Acoustic Signature Ref Monitors?
Firecracker_77 I truly don't mean to dog you yet, what are you doing making an offer on an amp when you don't know if it is a good pairing for your speakers? Amp/speaker pairing is critical and maybe only second to TT/tonearm/cartridge pairing. Beyond matching the specs, there is the sound for God sake! The Tyler are 44-20k, @8 ohm, 88db w/m, 25-150 watts if I'm not mistaken and the Classe CA400 is... well, 400w/ch.x2. Classe is nice, I do not have familiarity with the Tyler but I'm sure it will be fine, if not somewhat overkill in the watt department. LOL
It won't hurt anything to have plenty of power at all. That is much better than clipping that is done by amps more often than owners suspect anytime they turn them up much at all. If you want it, buy it, great amplifier. I'm suspecting you're going to be pleasantly surprised. I'm definitely in the have plenty of power and then some camp. Once you hear perfect dynamics with zero strain or clipping you'll know it.
Dont buy into the statement that amp and speaker matching is as important as the Vinyl equipment matching, it simply is not true, it is subjective at best. The only judge will be your ears, and too much power is always better than not having enough, your ears and your speakers will surely appreciate your choice in power. The last thing is never take most of the statements as rock solid fact, only s few rules are cut and dry, the rest of this hobby is purely personal choice, tubes, solid state, vinyl, digital, cones, electrostats, horns.....the list goes on and on. I have to with all due respect say that RF and his pairing of speakers with amp statement is well..... foolish.
Have fun, and buy Music...not Equipment!
The CA-400 purchase fell through. Apparently, I was not quick enough as someone else snatched up the $2,000 bargain before I could make my offer. However, I did get a CA-300 for $1599, so I think I will still have plenty of power. My current speakers operate at 4 ohms and the Classe I have purchased claims to provide 600 watts continuous into each channel at that resistance. It doesn't bother me to receive criticism for anything I do not yet know. I'm young at 28 years of age. I am using a VPI power conditioner, a Parasound P3 pre-amp, and a Cambridge Audio 640C cd player. I realize that I have alot to learn about upgrades and exploring the 'high-end' which I have not yet heard. My only regret so far in my exploration is purchasing equipment at full price from audio dealers. Had I known about purchasing used equipment from this site, I would likely have a high-end pre-amp and CD player for little more than what I paid for mid-priced gear. Thank you to each of you who provided feedback. Us newbies can only learn from the collective wisdom of those who have been exploring this hobby before we were even old enough to know that there was such a thing out there. I hope to learn more from all of you, and someday I will be offering newbies advice based on things I have learned 'the hard way'.
Hey Fire,
Everyone was new once, and even the "know it all's" do not know it all, most simply offer opinion wich is cool, but be sure to know how to seperate fact from crap.
My father has 5 of those amps you now own driving Legacy focus 20/20 and Legacy HT speakers, they are really good amps. Good to see another new face in Audio and I hope above all you enjoy yourself, try not to get the constant up-grade bug and enjoy MUSIC, have fun and take care
Chadnliz, I never claimed to know it all. I take offense in that remark, shame on you. I obviously don't appreciate your point of view as I like everyone else here was stating an opinion, for what it's worth. Sorry to offend your preconceived notions. Let me understand you though, are you suggesting that there is no synergy between certain amps matched with certain speakers?! My opinion was to suggest that listening to gear and matching things that sound good together, to your ear is optimum, rather than buying gear on opinion or review. You would do this forum a favor to argue your point without calling others foolish if you please. You yourself just may yet have a thing or two to learn from others as well. Try pairing a Bryston with Thiels as an example. Or maybe Cain & Cain and Krells. As for TT/tonearm/cartridge matching, would you also believe that cartridges don't prefer an adequate tonearm based on say rigidity and mass? Try putting a Shelter 90x MC on a entry level Music Hall TT. You notice, I have never once referred to you as a "know it all" or as "foolish" and I won't. And my opinion on power is that sometimes (maybe most times), finesse is more important and there are loads of drivers that need just a few watts to sound outstanding. Finally, Firecracker_77, if in any way I offended you, I apologize. My intent was not to do that, just to show some shock in you bidding on an amp and then asking A'gon forum what we think. I hope you get the next amp you bid on and can enjoy your upgrades. IMHO Cheers!
R_f_sayles, I wasn't offended and I can see your point. It is not logical to make a purchase and then ask others for an opinion. It would make better sense to ask on the front end. I'm eager to hear the new equipment, and I have faith that I will like it. Currently, I'm using a 1960's tube amp tested at around 65 watts per channel, which I won't sell and I'll swap in and out of my system from time to time. The same store that sold it to me for $900 would only buy it back a year later for around $400. I know they are in it to make money, but they told me that it was used equipment. I had to laugh b/c it's 42 years old, surely the depreciation hit has already occurred 42 years ago when the first guy took it home. That's why I'm done with these audio stores. I'm going to stick to this website from now on.
Amen Firecracker_77, That circumstance with the audio shop would be funny if we all had unlimited dollars to spend! Really, I thought your choice of Classe was a good one at the time. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I agree about the audio stores too. Just like the music industry, it's pretty hard to feel sorry for them when profits are down when they didn't take care of their customers in the first place. Enjoy!
For the Reference Monitors, you really don't need a lot of juice (but having extra never hurts)... I have found my various Tylers (I own both the Taylo Reference Monitors, and the original Linbrook Signature System -- and have owned the Linbrook Signature monitors) to be very revealing of amps, however. I have not tried Classe with them, but my best results so far have come after pairing them with CODA electronics. That combo definitely works for me, I am hopeful the Classe combo works for you.

Good luck,


I am driving Taylo Ref monitors with a 75 watt Electrocompaniet AW-75. It is plenty of power for these speakers and the relaxed nature of the amp is a nice match for the neutral presentation of the Taylos. Be aware they do not have much bass below about 40hZ so a sub is need for full range.

I agree with R_f_sayles on the amplifier pairing of speakers without question. He is correct ..try putting just any high power amplifier on the wrong speakers and your in for a headache. Power isn't everything, finesse is more important IMHO. ;-)
Pairing an amp and speakers is the real deal, and don't forget the cables that connect the two are also important. Also, the amount of power is not the only variable to consider, although as mentioned above, too much is better than too little (like life eh?).
You have some good starting recommendations here - I suggest you look at the threads and see who's been using what with Tyler's, or give Tyler a call for their recomnmendations. Another method is to start a thread on amp speaker pairing with what you've got, and many here will try to help you out.
Snofun3 is correct about matching speakers and amplification. Power requirement and impedance load MUST be considered for optimum performance. A very expensive pair of speakers mismatched with a very expensive amplifier can be disastrous. Check with the manufacturer and/or dealer before investing in either.
I said with all due respect I felt it was a foolish statement, not once did I say you were a fool, I also never said you were a know it all, I was speaking in general. Life is too short to get mad at opinions.
Thanks everyone. My Classe should arrive this week. I am planning on getting the Linbrook Signature System very soon to get better bass. Although, I have not experienced what my Linbrook monitors can do yet as I'm still using an ancient tube amp. I will definately post a follow-up to let people know my experience. BTW, I spend more time each day fantasizing about equipment than I actually have time at home to listen. That's when you know you have a problem!
I am driving my Tyler Sig Monitors with a Classe CA-200/ CP 50 combo and it is outstanding. Once in a while I'll toss in queens of the stone age, nine inch nails, audioslave and try to loosen up the paint on my walls and never is there any sign of fatigue or loss of detail. I am also contemplating either the bass modules or trading up. I have heard comment that the full range Linbrook system loses some detail, imaging and has a bit thinner midrange, I would be interested to hear your comparison once you've burned your new Linbrooks in bit. Good Luck Classe arrives tomorrow. I've decided that I won't be upgrading to the Linbrook Reference System right away and will stick with the Linbrook Monitors for a few months. I will definately share how the set-up sounds. I'm jealous of your pre-amp...I'm sure that makes a huge difference. I'm still using a Parasound pre and a Cambridge Audio CD player. I would like to uprgade to a Classe pre-amp...a nice one used can be had for less than $1,000 used as you know. Then, I want to get either a Classe CD player or a Wadia CD player. I read some great reviews on the Wadia models, and they are very cool looking. However, they don't come cheap used, so it may be a little while before I get one. Unfortunately, I have another $750 to pay on an engagement ring and a $17,000 wedding reception coming up that I will have to partly fund, so the dream system might be put on hold for a little longer. I wish that I had more audio friends. I live in Chicago, but I don't know any other people with systems to audition.
Firecracker - before you go to another CD player, think about some outboard DAC's to audition - digital doesn't hold its value at all, and you can get a great DAC for a reasonable price, so you can keep you existing CD - a lot cheaper.
Regarding your other post and the WAF - $17,750 for the ring and reception - hmmm, think about the speakers you could get for.....nevermind - or see what level of sense of humor she has.
Enjoy your Classe.
Snofun3...believe me, I have thought about what I could have gotten instead of that wedding reception, but it was a non-negotiable for her. Some women really need the pomp and circumstance I guess. I could have bought a nice used system for that.
I'm sure your $ will be well invested, and making her happy is one way to get the investment started correctly.

My wife and I got married on a beach in Key West with one of my buddy's as a witness. Relatives were specifically uninvited, even if they would have paid their own way - didn't want the hassle. We had a ball for 3-4 days renting Hobies, scuba, snorkeling, various frozen concoctions etc. To each his own - enjoy yourself, and start looking for your MAN room soon.
Pipeguy, I just spoke to Tyler on the phone. He had a used Linbrook One Piece Reference System coming in from a trade that I had expressed interest in. I thought about it and ended up purchasing them today. I will let you know how those sound as they are coming in next week. I'll still have my Linbrook monitors at that time, so I can do an A-B comparison before shipping back the monitors. I'll post a follow up comparing the two different speakers and their relative strengths and weaknesses.
Pipe Guy, as an owner of both Linbrooks I can say that what you have heard does not describe the sound in my room. Actually I lost none of those things when I moved from the Linbrook Signature Monitors to the full Linbrook System...

There *was* a slight loss of soundstage width when I moved from the Taylo Reference Monitors to the Linbrook Signature *Monitors* (and it stayed the same when I added the bass modules to form the Linbrook 2 piece System that I use currently with the Taylos in the rear), but the large gains in midrange, bass and dynamics easily countered that slight loss.

I am getting my Linbrook Reference One Piece System this weekend. Ty is driving up to Chicago to deliver my speakers and is delivering a pair of custom speakers to a man that lives near-by in the suburbs. Ty is a great guy and by making this trip he is saving us both the expense of shipping the new speakers and shipping our trade-ins back to him. I can't say enough about his company. When was the last time you heard of a manufacturer driving 400 miles to deliver their product and helping you set-up the new speakers? I have been to his factory and will always remain loyal. Best value in audio for the money? I think so!