Alright ? Who brought the bandeon to the jazz gig?

Is it just me or does it seem like 2010 is the year of the high-profile bandeon on jazz recordings? I understand Wynton is using one on an album, and XM-70 has the Danish Jazz Orchestra in heavy rotation featuring this little sawed-off accordion. I submit, IMHO, that this monstrosity should be banished from anything respectfully calling itself jazz (with the possible exception of weird ECM recordings). Every time I hear one I expect Maurice Chevalier to pop out from behind a tree to start singing... Blech!!!

Or does the rest of the world love this thing?
Not a sound that I will stand. Each their own likes, least favorite instrument. I will listen to 5 minutes more of a bag pipe than any accordian other than old Weird Al.
Here's the kittens playing Indenpendant woman, I think the Bandelon works for this kind of music :^).
I believe you mean the Bandoneon.This is an accordion like instrument that is often used in Brazilian music,witness the works of the late Astor Piazolla.Then again you just might be referring to the Bandolon,a mandolin like instrument and a part of the lute family.I don't mind somebody taking a shot at an instrument,but i do grimace when i see a blatant attack with the actual name misspelled!
That instrument in the hands of Piazolla is a gift to all with the ears and the vision to accept the challenge of musical adventure.
Spiro, you do know that the accordion is arguably amongst the most influential of all musical instruments, don't you?
Albert, Cool Cats?
agree wholeheartedly with jazz courier! FYI Piazolla is (was)from Argentina. The bandoneon is most often associated with tango.
Bandoneon... you're right. I mis-spelled it. Can't stand it!
Astor Piazolla is from Argentina. If you like Tango try Vayo "Tango", Pan 1000, Pantaleon Records. this is a fantastic tango recording!!! There are three different bandoneon players on the album!!!
looks like a squashed accordion to me.
Anything that can make jazz more ex*iting is fine by me.

* c left out intentionally,lol..........
You mention ECM, and I'll second that--in particular, Dino Saluzzi. Is it jazz? Who knows. I do know that his album with the cellist Anja Lechner--"Ojos Negros"--is one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful recordings I own.
I saw Astor Piazolla sometime in the 80s at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Enjoyed the performance very much.
Up to that point I had never experienced anything like it.