All New Joseph Audio Profile Loudspeakers // The Affordable Reference !

A new Reference speaker at a more affordable price $7K !

Not connected with Joseph Audio in any way


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Many say the Pulsar 2's are the best sounding speakers that Joseph Audio makes ! 
Just add a few REL s-510 subs or maybe six later on !
A Dealer in Canada that sells Acapella Horns and Vivid Audio and Cube Audio and Joseph Audio speakers and their favorite speakers are the Joseph Audio Perspective 2's !
The Joseph Audio Profiles has a lot of this magic for a lot less money !
If you don't have a big room then these Pulsar 2's are the real bargain here ! 
These speakers are a perfect match with Pure Audio Class A gear !

 Tri-Cell Enterprises is the Dealer in Canada
 I know, I don't recall the Canada dealer I talked to but they sold Muraudio and Joseph Audio and Vivid Audio and Cube Audio and other speakers there 

 It was about 6 months back when I talked to them