All New Joseph Audio Profile Loudspeakers // The Affordable Reference !

A new Reference speaker at a more affordable price $7K !

Not connected with Joseph Audio in any way

The author in that forum does a nice job with the review, but tips his/her hat in the beginning by disclosing their standard approach: "I tend to gush over new equipment I buy that sounds good and write a quick review."

The Profiles have been around for years.  I've often wondered how close they get to the Perspectives.

I briefly considered the Profiles at one point, but held out to "go for the gold" with the Perspectives.
How much are used Perspectives?  To me, Joseph Audio’s need Seas Excel and shiny, beautiful cabs...

The original Perspectives have tended to go for between $6,500 - $8,000 USD.

I agree b_limo, I'm attracted to the beauty of the Perspectives as much as I am to the sound.  I generally dislike seeing speaker drivers, but the Seas drivers are an exception.   They just look "lux" in of themselves, and the cabinet work on the Perspectives is mind-blowing.   Sometimes I literally just sit there taking in how nice they look in my room.

Many say the Pulsar 2's are the best sounding speakers that Joseph Audio makes ! 
Just add a few REL s-510 subs or maybe six later on !

I don't see many saying the Pulsars, 1 or 2, are the best speaker Joseph makes.  Best bang-for-buck perhaps.  But almost everyone who has heard both the Pulsars and Perspectives rate the Perspectives as a step up all around. 

I've heard the Perspective 1 and 2s, and the Pulsar 1s.   Originally I was interested in the Pulsars and demoed them a couple times.  They certainly do the JA magic - tone, clarity, huge soundstage, precise imaging, surprisingly big sound and deep bass.

My main thing was that in some tracks I was conscious of a bit of a bass hump or warmth - the one that helps smaller speakers sound bigger than they are.  So in deeper male voices for instance I could hear some emphasis.    But when we switched to the Perspectives that completely evened out, and they sounded more linear and balanced through those regions.  Plus to my ears, instrumental tone got just that bit more sophisticated and rich.   That sold me on the Perspectives. 

I'd expect this difference to hold up between the Pulsar 2 and Perspective 2, side by side.
I own a pair of the Joseph Audio Profiles and love them. I previously owned the JA - 22XL's and loved them, too. However, I missed the bottom end and eventually traded up. In addition to a more defined and secure deep bass (than the 22's) the sound stage and depth are phenomenal. The mids and highs retain that Joseph magic and the speakers are lightning fast. Jeff Joseph recommends Cardas Audio and I purchased the Clear Cygnus speaker cables. They work well with my Bel Canto electronics. My pair of Profiles is in the matte black finish that looks better than in the photos. I listen mostly to classic recorded jazz and my set-up handles that musical genre well. BTW, Jeff Joseph is a Thelonius Monk fan. He is very knowledgeable about 50's and 60's jazz and puts on a great display at audio shows. Hope this helps.

I like Joseph audio but they're nowhere near as good as the monitor audio platinum 200 generation 2 or anything in the platinum range. The top end isn't as natural and open sounding with the soft dome tweeter as the AMT tweeter is. And the bass is not as fast and articulate. And the sound stage is not as three-dimensional.

Having heard the Monitor Audio platinum speakers, I'd have to disagree with your assessment.   For me the Monitor Audio Platinum series, while very vivid sounding, sound bleached and artificial for lots of content.  (Though put just the right audiophile track on and they shine).   And I've never heard the Platinums do as great a "disappearing" and 3 dimensional presentation as the Joseph speakers.  That is one of the JA strong points remarked upon by the vast majority of listeners. 

But, hey, opinions are subjective and my "natural" may not be your "natural."
A Dealer in Canada that sells Acapella Horns and Vivid Audio and Cube Audio and Joseph Audio speakers and their favorite speakers are the Joseph Audio Perspective 2's !
The Joseph Audio Profiles has a lot of this magic for a lot less money !
If you don't have a big room then these Pulsar 2's are the real bargain here ! 
These speakers are a perfect match with Pure Audio Class A gear !
A Dealer in Canada that sells Acapella Horns and Vivid Audio and Cube Audio and Joseph Audio speakers and their favorite speakers are the Joseph Audio Perspective 2’s !

Who is that?
FWIW: The proprietor of Executive Stereo, selling Vivid, Spendor D-series, Martin Logan and others, says the Joseph Perspectives are his favorite speaker.

 Tri-Cell Enterprises is the Dealer in Canada
Tricell is not a Dealer, they would also never make a statement like that.
 I know, I don't recall the Canada dealer I talked to but they sold Muraudio and Joseph Audio and Vivid Audio and Cube Audio and other speakers there 

 It was about 6 months back when I talked to them
need Seas Excel

My prefered speaker as well, If a  speaker does not offer either SEAS/Scan Speak, I'm not interested. 
I think Joseph Audio has some Seas Excel models, which will blow away the model being promoted. 
I know, I don’t recall the Canada dealer I talked to but they sold Muraudio and Joseph Audio and Vivid Audio and Cube Audio and other speakers there

Your exact words were... “Tri-Cell Enterprises is the Dealer in Canada”

Whats your username on Canuckaudiomart?
I got to hear JA’s at Cap Fest. Unfortunately it was in a small hotel room and Jeff played the volume at Solar surface levels (chairs seated people @ closer than near field).
when the COVId dust settles I hope to find a dealer near me.
Fwiw, lsa monitors were voiced to sound like the pulsar a third of the price. Even if they came close...the price is a big difference. 
From the JA website - Listening window response: within 2dB from 39 Hz to 20 kHz.

Not to be offensive but how can a speaker be considered reference if it cannot get below 30HZ!?