Joseph Chow

Has anyone else gotten an e-mail from "Joseph Chow", who is in "The Phillipines on vacation"?? Very strange.
I got one the other day. I suspect that his laptop was stolen or his email account was broken into.
I have, I deleted it, got that same type of email from another person I know as well.
Certainly sounds like some kind of scam, particularly in view ot the fact that message has been received by others. Appreciate the response to my reality check.
Got one as well. Its got to be a scam.
I received the same email. Like Salevick, I assumed his email account had been hacked or his computer stolen.
I got this email also.

The emailer said he was robbed at gunpoint in the Phillipines while there on vacation.

Suspected a Scam, and deleted it.

Also glad to find this thread here on AG.
deleted the one I got as it smelled fishy right off the hop.
Variation on common scam- been arrested in (insert name foreign country here) and need $ sent via Western Union to pay bail/bribe police/hire attorney.
This is a scam secondary to his computer/email being hacked.
Do not respond in any way or you will put your computer/email accounts at risk!
He is a jive dude!!