Affordable Upgrade to Spelt Anti Cables?

I am looking to upgrade speaker cables on my Gallos 3.1, I do like the Speltz cables, but was wondering if anyone has tried the other models on Agon ie: signal cable, morrow etc.
I just did a bake-off in my system of various 'affordable' speaker cable including cables from:


From time to time i thought i could hear a difference between the cables, but nothing significant, or consistent.

I'm still planning to try Kimber 8TC's, but i fully expect to have the same results there.

My $0.02, any well built cable will do the trick. Anti-cables or something from blue jeans cable would be reasonable choices.

Oh, and my system consists of:
Usher Be-20's
Parasound JC-1's
TACT 2.2xp
Slim Devices Transporter
PS Audio (Modified) GCPH
VPI Scout
Mapleshade SAMSON V2
PS Audio PPP
Assorted Cables from Kimber, Monster, Transparent, APC, and Mogami
I am currently using Anti-cables, but will be getting a pair of ELF Audio - Super Helix Gold soon.
Check them out. Discounted till end of December.
let's see I went from MIT to Nordost to PS Audio to Anti....and the Nordost stuff was not the low end of the line.
I'm trying to purchase ELF Audio - Super Helix Gold 16awg speaker cables but some of the sellers are not sure if the cables they have are 16awg or 18 awg. Is there an easy way to tell? Thanks
If you want to venture into a higher price range; $200 to $300 for cables. Then, I would HIGHLY recommend Grover Huffman cables. I have compared is cables to many highend cables, like Kimber, Shunyata, Virtual Dynamics, and various silver cables costing into the $2000 range -- and Grover Huffman's cables have easily beat them all. Really a steal for what he sells them for...
Been using Signal Cable Silver Resolutions for quite some time and am very happy. I had Nordost Flatline and Blue Heavens before.