Anyone using Speltz Anti cables XLRs

I was looking for some opinions on the his balanced ICs. It looks like there are only 2 conducters. I thought xlrs used 3.
Why don't you ask Paul Speltz about the two conductor thingy?
I did ask Paul and he said 2 of the conducters are very small guage. So it does use 3 conducters.
I use them CD>Preamp>Amp I like them alot.
I have them between my preamp and amp. I think they are a steal. I have compared several brands and the anti's always come out on top.
Anyone use Speltz Anti cable XLRs between source and preamp and care to share their thoughts on them?
I've got some and used them for a long while. After hearing Teo cables but baulking at the price I went on a mission to find something that out performed the Anticable XLRs and did most of what the Teos do. I came up short, the only cable I came across that offered a little more than the Anticable in my system was a top of the range Siltech at mega money and the owner admitted he'd struggle to pick between them blind.

None of the midprice options (and still expensive)like Supra/Siltech/Audio Note offered the transparency of the Anticables. Theres plenty of good stuff out there but the the Anticable offer is genuinely good compared to very expensive cables ime

Hi Defride

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experience on the Speltz XLRs. One last set of questions. Where did you find them most beneficial in your system? From Source to Preamp or Preamp to Amp? Normally I like to use the same brand of cable in the whole signal chain but I'm operating on a cut budget now and only have funds for 1 set of Morrow XLRs now.
No....the balanced cable is 3 conductor....look at the spiral around the red coil. I am using the silver version... a bit better in the highs than the copper. I have copper ones if anyone needs any....1/2 price.
I was running the Anticable cdp to pre and the Teo from pre to power. In your system trust your ears :-)
Hi Defride

Thanks again for the help. I'm trying to figure out the best place to start with the Anti-Cables other than speaker wires. I've made note of your findings and will give them a shot.
My understanding is that XLR is such a leap over RCA (signal quality, especially over longer cable runs) that even a decent but budget XLR will bring advantages over a high-end RCA.  
The problem is that most vendors do not include XLR interconnections on their gear. i.e., the audio industry is dragging it's past behind it similar to a dinosaur dragging its tail. I've tried to go XLR, but even my high-end Ayon integrated has only 1 XLR and several RCA connections! My 3 month old Raven amp has no XLR connections. Bummer. Take a look at the coveted Atma-Sphere line: XLR XLR XLR.