What speaker cables are most like Speltz cables?

I have been using Speltz Anti-Cables with my speakers for quite some time; I am happy with the sound and have had no urge to change for sonic reasons. However, with a re-arrangement of my system I'd like to use a more flexible cable...and one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Any suggestions?
I have the Speltz cable and I have Signalcable which doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The Signalcable is on my second system, and the review that I read says that the Signalcable is best if it is used with the power cord along with the speaker cable and maybe the IC's. In other words best if all Signalcable is used from beginning to end and then it is great because of synergy. The review is on signalcables website. I've never really a/b ed them. I probably prefer the Speltz. But I believe signalcable could be the most for your money cable. Morrow is another name--more money.
Arnettpartners: interesting...the synergy with Signalcable. I have a mix of IC and power cords and a couple of brands of conditioning equipment so a retrofit is not a viable option. In reading over speaker cable threads Clear Day Cable has my attention as the leading contender. With the 30-day return-or-buy trial seems like a no brainer.
I went from Anti-Cables to Clear Day for the same reason. If you can afford it go with the Shotguns. They don't look impressive but are very flexible and sound fantastic.
..you don't think that Anti-Cables are flexible?? Although there is "body" to them, they can easily be bent into any shape you would like without any damage to the wire or the sound.
Paul Speltz does say don't be afraid to bend them. Clear Day sounds interesting.
Mdrummer01, now I'll tell you what I really think which is that cables are such a con. I agree that there are differences in cable. But the reviewer that I refered to might have his own agenda. If he didn't have something significant to say he'd be out of a job, yes? My cable is also mixed. In my second system I have a signalcable power cord, then a Morrow IC, then a signalcable IC, then signalcable speaker cable. It sounds fine. I get emails from Morrow every week and almost every day which are annoying and bogus in their sales pitch. His sales go on endlessly. I never hear from Frank at signalcable unless I ask a question or put in an order. So I like Frank. He is straightforward and down-to-earth and none of his cable costs $500.
I remember a critic saying that he never thought he'd ever hear anything that sounded better than Nordost Red Dawn. But he did of course when Nordost came out with more expensive cable. I bought a Red Dawn IC and signalcable clearly outperforms it. I'm not advocating signalcable or any other cable, but cable doesn't excite me because I know that it is an endless circle. I'm sure some audiophiles enjoy the hunt. I'm also sure Clear Day is fine, Morrow is fine, signalcable is fine. IMHO don't take cable too seriously. There's always another cable over the next hill and then the next hill and the next hill.
Mdrummer, if you ever get the urge to change try the Clear Day cable. I have had all that has been mentioned here and am currently using Clear Day dbl shotguns. I think they are a good step up from what I have used.
I've had a set of Clear Day double shotguns for 10 days now and they are living up to the expectations I had for making a change. I received the Clear Days on a trial basis and ended up keeping those. The difference is subtle but noticeable. I went from Speltz bi-wires (not bi-amped) to these where I'm running four-strands to a single termination on each speaker, with Clear Day jumpers on the Silverline Sonatinas II (93db) and to the Magnepan 3.6Rs (85db) into the single wire terminal on those speakers. Short story: the Speltz are a bit brighter on the high end...like hearing what sounds like a plastic tipped drum stick on a ride cymbal where it sounds like a wood tipped stick with the Clear Days. Harmonics seem a little more complex and warm on the Clear Days. All good. I suspect my hearing is below average when it comes to higher frequencies, so I'm keeping the Speltzs at the ready. The ease of using the Clear Days, particularly ease of movement between the maggies and Silverlines, without having to bend and contort the wires and guide them past cabinetry and woodwork, is worth the only slightly greater cost.