Affordable Newer Speakers

I currently own a pair of PSB Stratus Mini speakers. While they are fine sounding, I'm thinking about buying newer speakers. They will be monitors as I have a subwoofer. My musical taste ranges from "medium rock" (Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows, etc.) to female vocals (Corrs, Cranberries, etc.) to classic rock (Boston, Aerosmith, BTO, etc.). I'd like them to be used and manufactured in the past 5 years or so. The amp will be a Hafler 9300, which I also am thinking about replacing. The suggestions please...
What aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you? Dynamics, imaging/sound staging, bass, etc.? What is your price range and other associated equipment? Definitely decide on your speakers first and then find an amp that will get the most out of them.
I agree. Speakers are a very personal choice. Just getting recommendations from people probably won't be good enough. You need to have much more focus on what type of sound you are looking for, a price range and what type of gear you will be hooking them up to.
I bought the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 monitors from music direct for a small system. I planned on pairing them with a subwoofer but now don't feel the need. If you don't like them you can send them back. I love mine and am keeping them!
You don't mention price range but my suggestion is the same anyway. Do a little research, buy used from reputable sellers and audition in your system. If whatever you buy isn't to your liking you can resell.
You can't lose much if you don't mind the hassle of buying and selling/shipping. Just make sure the original packaging is included.
Dynamics are/is the most important criteria. The price range is $500.00 or less. I realize speakers should not be bought solely on the basis of others opinions, but a guide to a path can be suggested (hopefully), especially by the many knowledgeable people here. As for as equipment is concerned, it's the 9300, Rotel RCD-950, and Angstrom 100.
"I realize speakers should not be bought solely on the basis of others opinions, but a guide to a path can be suggested (hopefully), especially by the many knowledgeable people here."

You'll have no problem getting recommendations, you just want to try to get the right recommendations for you. If dynamics are important, you will definately want to get something easy to drive. In your price range, I think you may like something from Monitor Audio or possibly a pair of used Vandersteen Model 1's (If you can find a pair).

I don't usually recommend something unless I know it well, but I would also consider a pair of used Tekton's. I haven't heard them myself but everyone who has, seems to rave about them. $500 isn't too much $, maybe take a chance.
If you have a already have a sub, you really can't lose with the Pioneer Model: SP-FS52... These run $249 retail and I've seen them for less. Once they break in they are surprising. I don't think you'll find anything for $500 to beat them.
A $500 budget with the hopes of surpassing what once was a 1k speaker in its day is asking a lot...that experience with Minis is that they image well, but bass can be wooly and overly warm...I would opt for speaker with tighter, somewhat leaner bass...Dynaudio comes to mind...or try a Hsu sub
KEF LS50s are awesome, new-generation speakers.
@Tgrisham has a good idea there...Music Direct has a clearance
section with some great deals on stand mounted speakers. Epos,
Wharfdale, Focal, etc. I think the best one is the Focal Chorus 806 V for
$600 new, down from a grand. A little above your limit, but likely
worth it in the long run.

"The Chorus 800 Vs all handle the transitions from bass to midrange
to treble with rare finesse. And when that happens, the speakers'
technology melts away, and all you think about is the music."
– Steve Guttenberg, Home Theater

Anyways, some options to research.

449 shipped....great deal
I use the LSA1 Statements in my second system in a small room. I think these speakers are a real sleeper. I don't use a woofer with them.