HT Receiver advice or look at newer integrated?

Looking to upgrade to for my son. He is a current Soph in college. Just moved into his house, but all equipment will be in his room. My goal is to help him build something that will serve him well for years to come, until he can upgrade on his dime. All his current equipment has been purchased used over the last year or so.

Current setup is NAD 3155, emotiva speaker cables, blue jean cables, B&W 685's (front) and Monitor Audio BR2's (rear). B&W center (unused at this time) as he has now way of running it.

Our current dilema, is what HT receiver to purchase. Or do we consider integrateds like he currently has, just newer with more options to expand. He uses his computer/ipod only currently. I do see him wanting to run his TV/DVD player in the near future. Reason for my post is to ask for some advice from the experts.

Have read quite a bit here, and have researched receivers such as Arcam AVR280, NAD t747, Rotel RSX-1050. Just options that people seem to be happy with. Not brand loyal, just want the best bang for the buck. Are we on the right track? Would like to stay under $450 and have no issue with a used receiver.

Thank you in advance for you input.
since your boy wants to add video, and you already have a good 5.0 speaker setup, i'd look at getting an avr intially, with the view to adding separate amps later and using the avr as a pre/pro. he's also gonna want a sub. as for a used avr in your price range, you're defintiely on the right track with the arcam and rotel; i'd also look at b&k 305/307/507; very well built and much better than the mass market fare. i personally don't recommend nad because of reliability, altho i'm sure their stuff sounds good.
If HDMI is not a must, I agree with Loomis about the B&K AVR's which are seperates-like, very musical, powerful and built like tanks. The same goes for the older NAD T773 which I own and has been trouble free since 2004. Some older(early to mid 2000's) NAD products have had some reliability issues but my experience has been just the opposite, lucky me.

Thanks for the help. My research seems to be right on. This site and a few other online forums has been invaluable. I will add B&K to my list. I have been looking at the outlaw sub, the small 8". I would think for him, with the small room that would be more than enough. That 8" runs about $250 shipped. At that price point, is there a better buy?
hsu makes really good low-cost subs, but i believe hsu also designs outlaw subs, so you probably can't go wrong with either. good luck.
Loomis and Will

Any idea what the 507 is worth. The other two B&K models mentioned have sold on ebay and gives me an idea of a fair price for them. I found a 507 for sale online for $550 shipped. Orig. owner, box, manual not sure if remote is included or not. Is that a fair price.
blandis, $550 is a bit more than i would spend on the 507, not because it's not intrinsically worth it, but because that's a lot of scratch for an older, non-hdmi unit and because the going ebay rate for the 505 (which i believe only differs by being 5.1) seems to be closer to $300.
A little much coin IMO, but a great unit and worth close to $550.00 if build and sound quality, original box, manual, remote and shipping included, are first on your list of musts and modern bells and whistles like networking, Audyssey, HDMI, streaming, etc., take a backseat.

Ask seller if original remote is included.