Any Newer Class D Mono Amps On The Horizon?

Has anyone caught wind of any new class D monoblocks lately? I've got my eye on the Channel Islands D-200's, but I'm wondering if there's anything newer (200 watt range) on the way that I should look into?
Little Dot T-150, 145wpc in 4-Ohm,
80wpc in 8-Ohm with tube buffing pre-stage and 4 ins.
Great material for mods. I recommended it to one of my pals.
He will most likely get it and will spend another $300-$500 on necessary mods. Total cost.....$499amp+mods=$800-$1000.

I hope it helps.
I have Rowland Model 102. It's Icepower 200ASC, rated 200W/4Ohm. I paid $1500 while Bel Canto S300 (same module)was $1600 and Channel Island D100 was close to $2k. Channel Island is based on Hypex modules and sounds a little bit different.
If monos are what you are after (and your spks are bi-wire-able) can get two = $998 total. With small alternation.....nice monos with volume control and room to grow.
I am sure there super pricey but Mark Levenson is bringing out a new class d
"reference" amp (not yet listed on their website-but was in stereophile)
I'm sure the Levinsons are nice, but you're probably right, they'll be way overpriced. I'm looking in the $2.5k range.
Yeah, I'm sure Krell will be next, with ultra $$$$$$$ models of course.

Gilmore amps are getting some really good feedback.
Thanks for your suggestion of the Little Dot. Unfortunately, my speakers are 85 db efficiency into 8 ohms, so I think I'll need a bit more power. Probably 200 watts to be safe.
Spenceroo: At RMAF in October Channel Islands were demonstrating a more powerful pair (than their D-200) of mono blocks....I think they were either 400 or 500 WPC into 8ohms. Below is a link to a picture from their exhibit room. Don't know the proposed MSRP. I own the D-200 model and the Channel Islands rep. said the new model is designed to widen the sound stage, give more headroom than the 200 model. They were demoed with a new MK3 version of Von Schweikert VR4Jrs. Sound great...but a true evaluation was impossible give the size/acousics of that hotel room. Could a used Spectron Musician III be a candidate for you?
Go to to learn all about the Hypex module. You can buy the module, a transformer, and a power supply for a few hundred bucks. Assembly is simple.
The Channel Islands D-500 cost $4500 for the pair! That's out of my range. I'm hoping to find a used pair of D-200 for around $1500.

Are you saying that I can buy a kit somewhere? I wouldn't know what or where to look for the parts if it comes down to building one. Puttin it all together would be another thing!
Spenceroo...Did you look at the Hypex web site?

The amplifier, the power supply and the transformer are each complete assemblies which you hook together using a wiring harness that they also supply. The only real challenge is finding a suitable chassis to put the stuff in.