Aesthetix Mimas vs. Calypso + Atlas?

I have been very happy with an Aesthetix Calypso Signature preamp, and have been keeping an eye out for a used Atlas or Atlas Signature amp. I’ve heard great things about the Mimas integrated, and wondering if that might be another direction to go. 

Has anyone has heard the Mimas compared to the Calypso + Atlas combo and can speak to the differences in sound?


Associated equipment: Vandersteen Quatro (wood, not CT), Belles 150 Reference V2 amplifier, Schiit Yggy DAC, SOTM SMS-200 streamer, Anticables shotgun bi-wire speaker cable, Bluejeans LC-1 interconnects.

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according to this review, the Mimas is very close to the Calypso/Atlas combo and is better in some ways, sound density is mentioned.

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I would change to the CT version of your speaker first....but the several people I know w MIMAS say it is fantastic.

I am an Aesthetix owner and Jim White fan
Kclone- It was interesting reading a translated review- thank you.

Tomic- that is a good idea to consider. I’ve heard only great things about the CT.

I’m also making some speaker positioning changes per Johnny R’s guidance.