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Recommendations for a new integrated amp for Vandersteen 3a speakers
I’ve used Belles amps with Vandy 1s through quatros, including 3a sigs and think they are a great match as others have stated. I have not heard the aria integrated but have read it is special with Vandersteens. They show up used in your price rang... 
A moderate priced dac
Another nod for Schiit DACs, particularly Multibit models. I’ve owned each of their models from the bifrost and up. The tech in DACs progresses quickly, and these models offer modestly priced updates when available. Lots of reviews of their site a... 
Aesthetix Mimas vs. Calypso + Atlas?
Kclone- It was interesting reading a translated review- thank you.Tomic- that is a good idea to consider. I’ve heard only great things about the CT.I’m also making some speaker positioning changes per Johnny R’s guidance. 
Current (2019) Gungnir Multibit Vs Yggdrasil
I had a gungnir multibit at the same time as a yggy v1, and kept the yggy. It is more detailed/less veiled and I didn’t hear any downsides.  
Audible Illusions modulus 3A, what would be the next level of up grade?
I would also recommend checking out the Calypso. I am using one currently after owning an Audible Illusions L-1. I would not describe the Calypso as noisy. They did have at one point a batch of noisy tubes sent out, so that may be the issue. I am ... 
Bluesound vs SOtM
Lumin is a free app I use with the SMS-200. Tidal streaming works well with it. I'll try Roon after a computer & iPad upgrade, but Lumin does the job. Another free app that can be used is called kazoo I believe. 
Aurender N100h vs. SOtM sms-200 Ultra
John, I went the SMS-200 route based on research on CA, including the above link to Romaz's post. I have the non-ultra SMS-200, and have been very pleased using it with my Gen 5 Yggy. I am sure the Ultra SMS-200 would sound incredible.  
Anyone use Apple TV remote for preamp volume?
Lancelock- very interesting, thanks for letting me know. Does the Apple remote control  anything other than volume for the unit? 
Anyone use Apple TV remote for preamp volume?
I think the programming should be pretty straightforward- this is from Apple's site:Program your remote for volumeIf volume control doesn’t work automatically, you can manually program your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote:On your Apple TV (4th gene... 
Best Rock Album of 2016
Andrew Bird's new album, Are You Serious, has my vote.9:50 into his tiny desk concert is the song "Capsized" 
Best budget DAC
I agree with the rec for a used bifrost, especially if you can find one with usb 2. The great thing about the bifrost is that it can be upgraded later if you decide to invest more. I started with the uber usb 2, and later upgraded to the multibit....