advice re stand mounted speakers

i am considering a a stand mounted speaker just for kicks.

i am looking for a soft treble response, decent bass, and no forward mids, hopefully decent depth.

i was thinking of the nht 3. deos this speaker satisfy my requirement ? are ther others under $1000 ?

remember a bit euphonic and kind to the ear--no zingy dome tweeters

I haven't hear the NHT3, but I have never heard another NHT speaker that I would describe as meeting your requirement.

I have a pair of original Reference 3A MM DeCapos that sound like what you desire. The highs from the silk done tweeter are easy on the ear and the bass is excellent for a monitor. The do not have the mid bass hump that I've heard in many other monitors.

You can sometime buy a pair of DeCapos (oringinal, not the newer "i" model) for around $1000. I saw a pair here last week under the $1k mark.


Dynaudio 52SE's. You will need some juice in your amp to get the best out of these.
Try the Coincident Triumphs. From your description they're just what you're looking for, and very tube-friendly to boot.

GMA Europas. New for $999, used from $600 and up.
gentlemen: i just received a recommendation for a speaker called the era, $600, new. anyone heard this one, and what about any of the harbeth or castle acoustic speakers ?

I haven't heard the Era, but it is getting good press recently. I've heard Castle in the past and I remember them sounding as you described. I also think they lood very nice!


Joseph Audio RM7si are some of the best I've heard. No zingy dome tweeters here.
The GMA Europa; no zing. You could also sweeten the soundof whatever you choose with tubes :)
i happen to like devore speakers. i beleive there is a monitor called the gibbon 3. has anyone heard that one ?
DeVore gibbon 3s on 6moons
ACI Sapphire - any recent versions.
There are used Sapphire 25th Anniversary Editions on Agon right now, and also a pair of Sapphire XL's on Agon which are the newest ones.
Smooth highs, and very neutral.
Great speakers.
gentlemen, i seem to remember, years ago listening to a chario academy one powered by the jadis orchestra. the sound was wonderful. has anyone seen a chario academy one for sale recently ?