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Tube Amp for Green Mountain Audio Callisto
I have a Response Audio/JoLida 60 wpc tube amp, as well as a Mapleshade-modded 18 wpc Scott. Both sound fantastic with my Callisto. With it's 90 dB rating, most any amp over 10 watts will drive it. Basically, it comes down to quality versus quanti... 
Speaker Suggestions
...and whaen I said, "to keep inline with you original query", I mean to suggest a speaker with a very nice amount of bass for the price-point you mentioned. 
GMA Callisto VS. Merlin TSM
Just a comment on the last half of this thread so far...When comparison shopping for a great new piece of audio equipment, you know it when you hear it. Sometimes, it's siren song can make you leap even if your pockets aren't fully ready to catch ... 
Comparison between Thiel 3.6 and 2.4
I've heard the 3.6 and 2.3, so this is subjective, in as much as these were the ones I liked/could afford at the time. The 3.6 didn't seem to "converge" the sound as well as the 2.3, even though the bass was deeper. For whatever reason, I felt the... 
advice re stand mounted speakers
The GMA Europa; no zing. You could also sweeten the soundof whatever you choose with tubes :) 
Speaker Suggestions
I second the GMA Europa recommendation from Elsneb, but to keep inline with you original query, for the price, I say Athena AS F2.2 is a good way to go. they're floorstanders, with a respectable bass. I haven't heard them, but since they (and the ... 
Vandersteen, Coincident or Green Mountain
If your room mesures a 12 db Bass lift right ch at 80 hz left ch say a 9 db lift at 67 hz, get some bass traps or other room compensation to tame the sound. What if you move to a spot with no similar problems? You have a speaker with extra circuit... 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Callisto Monitor
No shiz: you visit, you'll buy. Roy keeps a system set up properly. 
Green Mountain Audio Calypso
What is the Launar Eclipse award? 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Callisto Monitor
Jrflanne-Dooes your Lexicon have a "Direct" or "Bypass" mode? Get an external phono preamp for those inputs. 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Callisto Monitor
Drubin-I should have went more into detail on the music I listened to while reviewing these sppeakers. I have classical Cds, purchased some of the Mercury SACDs, and have been picking up vintage classical LPs of excellent sound quality. The GMA's ... 
best CD player or DAC under $1000
True, but it never hurts to see what's available for the $$$.IMHO, there's only one to consider for $1000: APL/Pioneer 563a. The mod will cost you $600, and sure, you will have to find a 563a for APL to modify, but the results are more than worth ... 
Looking for the king of mini monitors under $1500
Best under $1500 = Green Mountain Audio Europa; for $1700, you can get the Europa Max 
Best Monitors for Rock N' Roll under $2500
Gooddomino-You may trade in your Europas for more bass, but you DEFINITELY will miss the quality of sound happening above that bass.Seandtaylor9-The Callisto has dual ports, and is tuned to allow more bass output. Try listening to Ciarra's "Goodie... 
Mini monitors?
Henryhk,Before you settle on anything, do yourself a favor and check out the designers that view time/phase-coherent sound with the utmost importance; you won't want to go back!I , like Chadnliz, chose the Green Mountain Audio Callisto. Outstandin...