Advice for skipping CD

I have tried cleaning Cd's, vibration dampners. Any ideas to prevent skipping of music?
Are the CD's skipping in the same place on the disc all the time or at random ?

Have you ever cleaned the lens within the CD Player ?

How did you clean the discs ?

Are the skips attributed to heavy footfalls within the room or is it simply a reading error ?

As to using some type of "CD vibration damper", i would highly advise AGAINST it. Anything that you do to add mass is NOT a good thing, especially if that mass is not perfectly balanced. Sean
Need more info on when and why. If its a particular cd with an identifiable scratch, the cd can be treated with something like DiscDoctor or just gently sanded/polished at the scratch with an extremely fine abrasive. If it happens on occasional cd's, its probably due to muting caused by cd surface defects too large to be correctible by cd standard error correction algorithms - in this case the cd is defective for your player and can be returned. If it's happening too often on a given transport/player, it can either be that the transport is exceptionally prone to mute during normal cd read errors (I remember an older Spectral transport with this reputation), or possibly, in the last instance, that the transport is defective. Most players should not be highly prone to skip because of vibration - in fact some Pac Rim manufacturers quality test their players by throwing tennis balls at them and expect them to keep on playing during the impact.

Good luck.
Do many of your CDs skip? That is possibly a sign that the laser may be slightly out of alignment.

If because of scratches, I have used a scratch remover made by DiscWasher with good results. It is a slightly abrasive polish.

Is the player level?
Could also be a weak laser not tracking well.
Toothpaste works wonderfully. Sounds weird but it does. Also, if a lot of your CD's are skipping, it may be your CDP as stated above. NAD's are notorious for having lousy error correction. Believe it or not, the lowly Sony XA20-ES is one of the best I've used. Sonically... well, ok, but as a transport, it's fantastic.