Vincent CD-S7DAC skipping.

I thought i'd post here as a few people have this player (Audiolabyrinth, has owned a few, I believe).

I have been getting intermittent skipping on some discs, mainly towards end of discs. Wipe my discs, brush tray etc. I have 6 other players and don't have a problem when I put the same discs in the other players.

The cause for concern is I set up a Vincent CD-S7 (the same player, without extra DAC & single ended only), Has the same laser mechanism and he has the same issue but skips more frequently.

I took my player into the service centre yesterday, while still under warranty. My concern is that both players have the problem, while it is hopefully fixed under warranty, this maybe an issue with this particular laser mechanism, or whatever else is causing the skipping, and could be costly to keep replacing when out of warranty.

They have a budget transport/laser mech in them, Sanyo SF-P101N and if your handy you could get one and install it, there not that hard.

Get the full mech with laser, as it’s easier than just a laser. Look for one that says "Original Sanyo"

Cheers George

Thanks George,

That looks a readily available laser mech. and cheap so if the issue occurs in the future it's not too costly. The unit is stll under warranty so this one should be no cost. I was just a bit concerned as a new laser mech for a PIoneer BDP-51f was $450!

So, to your knowledge is that a common problem with that Sanyo and or cheap laser mechanisms? I have an old Rotel RCD-991 which is still going strong.

Is there a list of player mechanisms on the net? Would be interesting to know as I have 7 CD/universal players. Have heard that some become obsolete after a certain amount of time.



Hi George,

Just found a list of mechs. on the Net.

I take it the Pioneer 51f is a Blue Ray player, some of these are expensive because there are two lasers in the one unit, one for dvd/cd and one for Blue ray reading..

Cheers George

Yes Bluray, so 2 or 3 lasers, still a rip off though.
Well they replaced the mechanism under warranty even though apparently laser mechanism has only 1 year warranty. I'll pick it up next week.