Do I have Intermittent cartridge skipping?

I am very puzzled? I bought one partcular album that does a hard skip on my record,but only with that recording.
Muddy Waters Folk Song.I thought I had a defective disk
so I took it back to my record shop for an exchange.
When I took it home for a spin on my turntable the exchanged record skipped at the exact same spot as the previous one.What are the odds of that happening?
What do you suppose the problem is.Could it be that I may have the volume set to loud.I turned down the stereo and have the same problem.I readjusted VTA,and that didn't help.
When the record dealer played the previous copy at her shop it played just fine with her entry level turntable.
I must be getting some feedback induced vibration running up the tonearm is all I can think.
But I only have this particular problem with just this particular disk and have no other problems with my other LP's including very dynamic classical issues.
My table is a VPI MK3 with Morch UP-4 Arm Red Dot and Grado Silver. Phono cartridge will be upgraded tommorrow with a Grado Reference,The Reference Phono Cartridge due at my door
tommorrow.Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
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You didn't say if you tried increasing VTF a little. And if that's not it, you might try cleaning the record with the appropriate solution (or maybe just that spot with a moistened Q-tip. Yes I know it's a new record, but perhaps for some weird reason, the mold release is sticking to that one spot in the groove?
Whats going on, musically speaking, at the point when the skipping starts. Sharp/loud sound perhaps? Whats your VTF v the manufacturer's recommendations?
My VTF IS Approx. 1.5 Grams,which is at factory spec.,but
to be truful I need to get a digital scale.It is almost a guessing game with this arm where your vtf is at.
I will be resetting everything again once I get my other cartridge tommorrow and give it another spin.
Check the anti skating.
The previous cartridge must have had issues with my arm.
I reset everything up very,very carefully and used the supplied larger counterweight that came with my arm and everything is stable now.I know I would run into trouble in my listening room/living room if I had subs in the mix.
I was close to buying a pair,But my enviroment has too many issues to deal with to support a sub with the table I'm using.
The MartinLogan Quest z's put out alot of bass as is about down to 28hz And I don't play organ music,or play 5.1 H.T.anymore so the need isn't as crtical.
If I had subs in the mix I think the dancing cartridge would be leaping for joy.IMO Once again