help with turntable skipping floors seems to shake alittle when walked on causing my Thorens turntable to skip...other then reinforcing the floor beams,can anyone offer advice on how to stabilize it.much thanks in advance.
Find a decent turntable shelf to mount to your wall.
I agree that a wall shelf is the way to go. Target makes a nice shelf in two sizes ($150). Apollo is another good brand. Sound Organization doesn't make a unit anymore. You can also try moving the TT to a spot where there is less footfall. I have had good luck with vibrapods under an MDF shelf. Try to use 8 pods. The Thorens would take about 4 #1's and 4# 2's.
Generally, the best choice is a wall shelf--which will probably improve the overall sound, as well as fix the skipping problem.

Trying to move the turntable might help. I have a Linn LP12 (which has the same sort of problem) and in one installation, one part of the room was unusable, another part had no real trouble.

Finally, you could replace the turntable. You might not want to do that, but if your thinking of upgrading, anyway, this could be your excuse.
You may want to try to place your turntable on a wooden block(butcher block) or granite plate with Vibrapods under the block/plate.
Vibrapods works wonders of eliminiating vibrations. There are different weight limits for different Vibrapods so calculate the approximate weight of your turntable plus the block/plate before purchasing.