Acoustic Signature speed change from 33 to 45

I have a brand new AS table and when I press the button to go from 33.3 to 45, the LED start flashings but when it stops flushing the speed is still 33.3. Then if I turn the table off, and the back on the speed comes up to 45rpm.

The same is true if I want to go back to 33.3.

I have 4 other turn tables, AMG Viella Forte, Bergmann Galder, SME - 30/2A, and an Air Force III Premium, all of then reach the selected speed without having to turn it off.

Is having to turn on-off-on to change the speed a normal behavior for an Acoustic Signature?

thank you



Is it a button? Hold it for 3 or more seconds.

Which model there are umpteen different ones..:-)

It's German, they are all different. Each one is more complicated than the last with even less of a manual to explain. Bigger:-)


I have the Triple X and hold the button down as oldhvymec states I do not have to power down. Yes the directions aren’t the greatest but at least the directions are in English, lol. I have to say I love mine. The “art of engineering” :-)


I have an older WOW & just have to touch it.

With my Wow XL you have to hold the button down for a couple of seconds.

I hold the button, the LED blinks and then it settles to solid LED. I contacted AS directly and they responded immediately.

It is not normal :)



Weird.  I hope they help you get that taken care of.  Nice to see they were quick to respond!

Oh POO!. That's no good. I think it is hitting the right speed though.  That is why the light blinks and when it stops it's the correct speed.

Speed control isn't for playback anyways. It's for using a TT as a source and recording from it.. The only real reason to get picky about speed.

That's why there is always a strobe on a broadcast/transcription turntable, they are made to record FROM... Washing machine motors help too. :-)


Ohvy, I don’t know why you keep saying speed constancy is not important. It’s the major job of the TT. Not the only job, but the most critical, in my opinion. Who among us uses a TT primarily to record from, these days? 

Absolutely, speed control is vital. I measure my Triple X occasionally and it is rock solid!

I keep saying it because it's true. As I said it is for recording only. Nothing else..

I know not a single soul here could tell the difference in 32.8 vs 33.3 unless they are in a really really tight band that practices every single day.. James Brown kind of accurate.

You AIN'T, BUT if you can tell .5 RMP in 45 RPMs over a minute or 33.3 good for you. You may hear it when you speed it up but If you walked in on a record playing at a party or a night club, or YOUR front room.. It has ZERO effect on playback and I'd doubt you could tell the difference. The bigger thing, what if it is off by .5 rpm? I'd slowdown dancing by that much.. LOL 

You are NOT recording it.. Only then does it have to be that accurate. Tapes even more as the recording medium. Just something I heard.. 

Besides all my STUFF has strobes, except the rim drive broadcast TT. They were pulled from radio stations. Not a way to check the speed in sight..  ZERO, I wonder WHY. They were for play back NOT transcription.. Learn what YOUR TT is actually made for.. I know what all 35 of mine do..36 now I just got a new one Wednesday
2030 Thoren and the Victrola is playing off and on over the last week..

Not landing the space shuttle here.. :-)


I can definitely tell the difference between 33 and 33.3. I have been challenged more times than I care to count, and I have won as many times a good sum of $$. Not once I have been wrong.

I guess I might be from another planet, but it is well populated because there are quite a few people that I know they can, including 2 well known violinist and one pianist .

happy thanksgiving from Spain to all of you

Sure you can. You can walk into a room que up Strunz & Farah Rainmaker and you can tell the difference between 33.3 and 33.0.. No you can't.. 

Event if you heard that song just 5 minutes before and you had never heard it before. Maybe IF it was a normal tune you've listened to for 30 years every day.. You might be able to, maybe. 

Still it doesn't mean a hill of beans. It's playback, it's gone as soon as it plays, so to speak. It's not etched in stone at 33.33333. If you were using it for mixing a track and you really needed to to be 29 rpms VS 33.33. Yea speed control is critical.

And  just maybe you're that good. I'm not.. Guess what for playback I don't need to be.. WOW, flutter, rumble. Yes.. .5 RPM NO.

Heck I might just play something at 30 rpm just to mess with the wife. I walk real slow and talk at about 30 rpm. I ask her if she is all right and do I need to call 911. :-)

I've known her for 50 years of course I mess with her..


Back to the subject, lol. I have an AS primus. When changing from 33 to 45, the speed is changed instantly when i press the button without holding it.

AS will get back to me, because something is wrong.

My Hurricane Neo speed control works just fine. Good luck @astolfor on getting your issue fixed. Hopefully it can be resolved by sending you a new motor control "puck".

I hope so! What I do not know is where the speed settings get stored. Is it in the puck or in the power box?

Ohv, as in all things, speed control is a matter of constancy not necessarily pinpoint accuracy. You would hear it I hope if speed was varying widely during the course of play. That’s speed “constancy” despite the variables of stylus drag, belt slip, belt creep or whatever. It’s a job of the turntable, one reason why some like some TTs more than others. I doubt I’d hear a difference between a constant speed of 33.0 or 34.0 and 33.333.