Audio Research DSi200 with Dyns C1 Signature

Hello. I have Dynaudio C1 Signature and want to move to new electronics. I heard very good things about ARC tube amps (and also Octave amps)but right now, I have the chance to buy a DSi200 but not sure about the match with this integrated amp(which is solid state) and my C1's. Unfortunately, demoing will be very difficult. Searched the forum (and others) but couldn't find specific comments. If you have specific experience with those gears, can you please share your experience. What I'm looking for is bass control, transparency, balance and good soundstaging. Thanks.
The ARC DSi200 Amp will be an awesome match for your speakers..its what they want...high power,control and speed. I wouldnt hesitate to match that up.
I've owned the DSI200 for a short period. I believe it can handle efficient speakers with ease, producing a punchy, airy sound and stable soundstage. I've matched them with ATC SCM19, which was a great combination. Since C1 is more efficient than ATCs, the result can be spectacular. Go for it !
Haven't heard the ARC with The C1's but I also have the C1 sigs. Started with the original C1's then upgraded to the Sigs. I had the Octave V70SE and have since upgraded to the V110. Even had an in home demo of the V40. With each step up with the Octave you get a little more 'control' in the sound.

I have read on the forums here that with ARC tube rolling isn't all that easy to bias the tubes right. Biasing is super easy with the Octave and have rolled many different tubes (that's 1/2 the fun of a tube amp LOL). I did hear and was very impressed with an ARC tube amp driving Sonus Faber Cremora auditor M's. All I remember with the ARC is it had 8 6550 output tubes and the room got very hot in just over an hour. It was after that demo I heard the Dyn C1's and bought them.

Both ARC and Octave are great sounding.

Best of luck whatever you decide
The ARC to which the original poster is referring is not a tube amp but a digital/switching integrated.
I have an audio research ls 27 and i try the DS225 great sound with my dynaudio contour 5.4 but for the ultima sound go for the DS450 it is a match made in heaven.

I love my dynaudio but, the do need an amp with high current to control the lower frequency, don,t walk goes to the nearest dealer and get a DS450 you will never regret it. Good luck Tango.