Acoustic Revive RR-77 Ultra low pulse generator

One more new baby in the family of esoteric tweaks, there is not much info on this product except for a a nice review in 6 moons audio, Working on the human body and psychic (the Schumann resonance) and treating your room acoustic...
I wish answers and comments from people who bought it and use it with succes!
Also how does it compare against the Quantum Symphony pro EMF Stabilizer who work close in the same way ???
Wich position is the best inside the listening room ?
Check over at AA ISO ward. A few threads there.

I have one and it's really a no brainer. The impact is huge and for me all +++++++++++++++++. You have to hear it to believe it.
It's unbelievable for the money. More liquidity, warmth, "realness" and air around the performers. This is a no-brainer.

Place it at least 5 feet off the ground and if you can between the speakers. Enjoy!
Rocc1007, et al.:

One place to find a series of write ups for Acoustic Revive components is in the Random Noise columns of Stereo Times.

Entertainingly written by Mike Silverton, columns are as follows (findable in the archives list): R(andom) N(oise) 3, 10 & 14: introduction to AR; RN: 15 RWL-3 tuning panel, RTP power tap, and Reference power cord; RN 16: REM-8 EMF device, SPC speaker cables, and RN 17(?) Turbo charged RR-77 Schumann Resonance Gerenator.

Mike is a very amusing writer, and you may enjoy the photographs of some of his art work at the head of several columns. Ask him about his art: he'll enjoy that, and it may lead to some very interesting exchanges.

There are other sources of information on AR gear. Let me know if you would like further references.

Best Wishes,

David Kellogg
Also powering it with a KingRex power supply increases the soundstage and the treble qualities
I like Acoustic Revive's products a lot, however the RR-77 didn't win me over.

A friend pointed out It seemed to soften transients the slightest bit, and I think it pulled the soundstage back a bit. It was subtle however. Interesting that some people got prominent changes.
I've got to admit it took me a while to get used to the RR-77.
To really make the soundstage come alive I found that the best place for mine is elevated about 7 feet and between the speakers.
Perhaps you should try different places in your room to place the RR-77.

Interesting that you feel the transients are softer. I would say they are more dynamic. The soundstage gets deeper, perhaps that is what you mean about it being pushed back a bit.

Anyway with the KingRex power supply the Acosutic Revive RR-77 is really something in my system.
I had pretty much settled in to needing two RR-77s, until several days ago when Andy Quint asked about pictures with a AR QR-8 placed on it. I found such a picture in the 6moons' review and posted it for him. I then thought that I had not tried it and so might just do so. I really wondered why the QR-8 was put inside the RR-77. It was put on the plastic bottom of the unit, and it seemed to me that it would make no difference whether it were on the top or bottom. Nevertheless, I put it inside. I did this in the early afternoon and was then out until 8 that evening, when I did some listening, having forgotten that I put the QR-8 on.

Frankly, I wondered what was wrong with my amp. The singers were all 20' behind the instruments on the left and right sides. I put off trying to resolve this that night. Only later did I recall that I had put the QR-8 within the RR-77, but I thought certainly that cannot be the problem. I thought this because I had always thought that the RR-77 gave a nice improvement but not of the magnitude that the QR-8 could have killed it.

The next day I removed the QR-8 and bingo I was back in business. The RR-77 does have that big an impact as can the QR-8s on it. Once earlier I had experienced such a dreadful impact of the QR-8s, when I put one into the drawer of my cd player. I have experience very great improvements using the QR-8s, however, especially in the center of the wall behind my speakers and in the center of the windows behind my speakers.

My biggest conclusion, however, was that you really need to work with the Acoustic Revive RR-77 to maximize its benefits. I had just concluded that I needed two and that they both needed to be as close to 5 feet off the floor as possible. Wrong! Five feet is a starting point, the minimum. Also IMHO they cannot be close to the walls. Both of mine are more than two feet from the walls and largely centered on the front and back ends of the room. I wish the RR-77s had a tripod threaded base so that I could experiment further with distance into the room as well as with height. I have found that changes as small as 1 inch in height in the front unit made a difference.

Having seen explanations of how these things work, I wonder about having one right above me in my listening room. My wife is tolerant and already thinks I am nuts, but doing that might be a bridge too far.

All I am trying to say here, is that these units and also QR-8s are very powerful and that trial and error is the only way to optimize them.
Tbg,"I wonder about having one right above me in my listening room."

LOL, That would be difficult to explain to visitors.
Perhaps taping it to a helmet...
Just kidding, of course!
One question on the RR-77. Can you leave it plugged in all the time or do you plug it in only when listening to music?I was wondering also if it could be placed in the middle rear of the room, due to watching movies with an electric screen which drops down from the ceiling?Last question, how long is the powercord that comes with the RR-77 and can you give me a link as to where I could get the king rex power supply. I am in Canada,but could probably order it in from the U.S.A.
Moonguy, I leave mine on except when I am out of town, but I cannot conceive of why you could not turn it off when not listening. It has a on/off switch. The wallwart has about a five foot wire to the unit. You could put the wallwart into an extension cord as I do on my back unit.
Moonguy, There are many places in my room where the Acoustic Revive sounds good, you will just have to experiment.

The cord that comes with the KingRex power supply is about 5 feet long. Just a standard cord. The KingRex has a detachable IEC, so if you need a longer cord it is easy to change.
However, the DC cord that connects from the Acoustic Revive to the KingRex is only about a foot long. I bought a special made 8 footer for this connection, I suppose you could buy longer or shorter ones.

I bought the KingRex from Obad Imports, good people.
778-997-5274 speak to Sasha.

I turn off the KingRex power supply every evening which shuts off the Acoustic Revive. If I was just using the Wallwart power supply it would be hard to turn the Acoustic Revive off since it sits on top of my center channel, which sits on top of my Sony 60".
In that case, I would leave it on, except for long trips away as Tbg noted.

Cheap Acoustic Revive Upgrade:

I just experimented with placing 4 #1 Vibrapods under the feet of the Acoustic Revive, it really increases the performance. Pretty cheap tweak.
I would like to know what others think of this tweak.
I am confused about the kingrex power supply. I have had an RR77 for a few years now and I can say that it has a subtle impact on my system and me!

How do you feel the power supply effects the rr77? I understand the concept of a better supply in audio, but does the RR77 really become "better" with a nicer supply.
Yes, it does. The KingRex power supply is a piece of Audio equipment.
Best I can descibe it, it makes the effect stronger. Some have compared it to having multiple Acoustic Revives RR-77 in the same room.

The first few days when I tried it I thought it was too strong. I would play it for a while and then plug in the wallwart plug and then the KingRex and so on, back and forth. I was going to sell it.

I eventually realized that by just leaving the KingRex on for a longtime evens and hightens the effect.
Hi Ozzy,
very interesting. I am not sure which is cheaper a new power supply or another RR77.

I have noticed that when I move the RR77 it gives me a very strange feeling almost like butterflies in the stomach. When this happens (i am not mad by the way!) I find the system becomes very clear and rich sounding. The same happens when I put a CD on top of the RR77 and usually if left for a while then played its more again. Very strange. I have no idea why this should be.

I have not tried switching the RR77 on and off I generally leave it on all the time. I have not died... yet!
I have noticed that when I move the RR77 it gives me a very strange feeling almost like butterflies in the stomach. When this happens (i am not mad by the way!) I find the system becomes very clear and rich sounding.

Is the device changing the sonics your audio system or is it influencing your brain?


Influencing the brain
Chadeffect, I have not felt the butterflies, but I do agree about the effect. At Ozzy's suggestion I tried Vibapods under the unit with a hard to describe effect which, I think, is positive. I also tried the Acoustic Revive QR-8 quartz disc on the bottom inside as described in 6moons. I totally ruined the sound. I have not tried alternative power supplies.

Overall, I find this a mysterious box. It looks like a rip-off as it is very little for the money, but it has a very strong effect if you experiment with it to find the optimal placement in your room

Jea48, I don't think anyone, including the people at AR can answer your question. But since it has no connection with your sound other than being in the room and seem to have no resonance capabilities, I would have to suspect that its effect is on you.
Hi Tbg,
i have to say it is a very strange box. But it does have very nice effects on sound or me. Not sure which although I think I agree with your observation that it is probably me and not the system. Even my TV screen seems to benefit. I mean I benefit when I watch the TV!

I think I will try the power supply. Is there a particular Kingrex supply that I should use?
Chadeffect , The one of I have is simply called a KingRex PSU.
I just finished auditioning the SR Plug from Kemp Electronics. The Kemp has the same effect, with the added benefit of adjustable signal strength and a long antenna, which makes it much less conspicuous and easier to mount than the Acoustic Revive.

I have to say, the effect was much more dramatic than I was expecting. I heard another level of detail in my music that I haven't noticed before. This would have ordinarily made this a must have, for $300, except for the physical effect the signal had on me. Within 10 minutes after plugging in the device, my eyes began to become dry and tired, my back and neck became sore and I had a slight headache. (I can also feel the butterflies and more intense effect when I move the antenna)

I wondered if I might adjust to the signal and not notice it if I just left it on all the time, but after 6 days the ill effects clearly weren't going away and I couldn't take it much longer.

These devices will effect every person differently. However, I suspect that many customers who aren't aware of this issue will love the effect when they first try it, only to figure out after 3 months why they feel like crap so much. Fortunately, I demanded a 30 day trial period when I bought this thing.
Fork, I had the SR Plug from Kemp Electronics for a while.
Compared to the Acoustic Revive RR-77 I could not tell if the the SR was doing anything. Perhaps the one I tried was defective.

With the SR Plug from Kemp Electronics by itself or with the Acoustic Revive RR-77 I did not notice any change.
However, when I turned off the Acoustic Revive RR-77 while the SR was plugged in the soundstage dropped.

Who knows though if the Acoustic Revive RR-77 would still give you problems or perhaps it would work better.
Only you could tell.
Hope, I'm not slipping into some mild paranoia. I've recently bought a Kemp SR and can't say it appeared to do much, sonically. However, I've kept it plugged in since I thought it might change over time and, anyway, can't harm. Reading Fork's comment, however, I suddenly realized I have had problems with dry eyes (but then again, not all the time), also my head sometimes felt as if it was caught in a bench vise and occasionaly, a whistling noise entered my ears (but then again, I've had that e.g. on trains or planes). But you know how it is once you start paying attention to that sort of thing, it gets worse. So I've unplugged the SR, try to evaluate what happens over the next weeks.

Apart from that, Ozzy and Fork, have you noticed a difference depending on how you placed the SR's antenna (height, orientation)?
I have been using the SR plugs for several months with excellent results and no ill effects.I leave them plugged in at all times and have only positives to say about them.
Karelfd , I could not tell any difference with moving the antenna or the control knob. Mine never seemed to do anything.

Hi guys, after reading your posts I bought one. Very satisfied.

1. The taller you put it, the better?

2. Where can I buy the kingrex psu?

Some doubts:

1. The taller I put it, the better?

2. Where can I buy the kingrex psu?
In my experience 5 feet is the minimum, but I had little benefit above that.

Under no circumstance, if your experience is like mine, put an Acoustic Revive QR-8 on the bottom or anywhere on the RR-77. This was recommended by one reviewer. It just killed the sound.
In my experience the Acoustic Revive has it's best effect at 6.5 to 7.5 feet above the ground and centered on the wall behind the speakers. A second unit can be used behind the listener if it is also mid speaker positioned and at the same height as the front wall unit. Units that are not mid positioned can have a mixed bag effect-I have tried various positions and heights. I purchased my King Rex PSU from Audio Magnus in Canada. He also has the power cords for sale that are longer than the stock cords so the PSU can sit on the floor. I found this to be a worthwhile addition to my system.
Davidpritchard, how do you position it at that height? I assume you found the King Rex a big addition?
I bought a nice shelf set at Lowe's Home Improvement. The shelf is beveled and has a nice walnut finish. There are no visable wall brackets so it looks like a custom installation. Visually quite nice. Yes the King Rex is an upgrade and having the longer cable allows the PSU to sit on the floor. I think for most people the King Rex mark I unit will be just fine and that the mark II unit is not necessary.
I just experimented with placing 4 #1 Vibrapods under the feet of the Acoustic Revive, it really increases the performance. Pretty cheap tweak.
I would like to know what others think of this tweak.
Ozzy (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

I tried this and also noticed a positive result. Happened to have a set of #2's lying around. I'm using 2 of them, not all 4. The unit is so light that it balances easily on just 2. Result is more natural sounding, decreased harshness. Bass may be a little lessened? Still, good find.
Hi guys, thank you all for sharing your experiences.
My listening room is a converted garage.
Behind the listening seat and opposite the speaker wall is
a series of shelves and closets that are covered by French doors.
The shelves are large and start 6.5 feet high to the 9 foot ceiling.

I read somewhere that the sound with an SR improves if it placed
"Into" the listening area, as opposed to placement in an enclosed space.
I have suspended my SR by getting
a long piece of hard maple and running it in the center cubby of the rear wall, so that it extends from the back of the cubby to about eight inches
into the room. I have Symposium Rollerblocks under the SR and
a piece of Indian rosewood resting on top of the unit. The unit sits
near the end of the maple piece, like a bird on a wire.
This is working very nicely, for me, and really improves SQ.
sgordon1, Thank you for your suggestion to place CDs on top of the Acoustic Revive generator, label side down, for at least 5 seconds. No one, nowhere that I have been/read, ever suggested such a thing. I started doing 10 seconds yesterday and it has resulted in a richer, more emotionally involving sound from my system. How long do you think this improvement lasts? Have you had a chance to experiment further? Thanks so much.
Rrochelle, you get the reward for trying something new!

A lot of times I leave the treated cd in the player and listen
again the next morning.  With only a ten second investment,
I would suggest treating every disc in advance of every new play.

Do you use a Walker Talisman?  You would like its effect, too.
We would have to arm wrestle about which to do, first!