10,000 watt integrated amp/generator suggestions

After going through hurricane Frances I have had time to really assess my audiophile needs, I would like something that can make a pair of maggie 3.6's sing and power a central a/c or refrigerator, uh well actually both, and a TV also. I would prefer tubes but would consider solid state or even possibly nuclear although I've heard that can be somewhat problematic if you want to have hair or children. I'd appreciate a quick response as I believe Ivan is coming soon to a neighborhood near me.
A powerplant run by a windmill might do the trick... Or possibly a battery-powered unit or something you can run off your car (you might want to elevate the vehicle a few more feet above sea level...).

I see you still have your sense of humor -- have you ever considered moving?
This is a wonderful place to live. It does get get a little windy and rainy every 20 years or so though. I'm researching the windmill. Having my car elevated would be a simple task, I'll just leave it unnattended for a few hours overnight and these real friendly people who only come out at night will set it on blocks for me and for safety they'll remove the tires and radio! I'll never hear a thing and they won't even bill me. Who would ever leave here.
In my research I found if you want to run electronic gear your best bet is with an automatic regulated output. I didn't find this necessary while used in conjunction with a UPS (for computer) but the effects are obvious when using a small unregulated generator on a TV, which I'm sure would mimic the quality you should expect on your stereo.

Also, given the massive power outages in FL, unless you express freight one in, you'll prob. have to drive a state or three away to find one. In looking around generator web sites last week, I noticed many were not available & some of the sites had posted they were redirecting their supplies for FL. I ordered an 8k watt unit from Sam's Club last week & today they don't even have them on the website.

Good luck!