Accuphase or Passlabs

Planning to change to Accuphase A-65 amp + C2410 pre or XA60.5 amps + XP-10 pre. My present amps are Bryston 7BSST + Cary SLP05 with Usher BE-10. Please suggest.
Accuphase. I think that it is smoother and more relaxed.
I'd guess that you might get better customer support with the local manufacturer.
Both are excellent choices. In the huge world of audio amps, these two brands will sound more like brothers than just about any other, but there will be differences and one may hitch up to your speakers better than the other and that will be up to your ears to decide which. Me, I like the Pass XA.5 series.
The XA and XP combo is very impressive. I have not heard Accuphase, but a smooth and relaxed sound is not missing from Pass.