Accuphase F-25 Active Crossover, any experience?

I am interested in the Accuphase F-25 Active Crossover. Does anyone have experience with this unit? Any input would be appreciated.
Also, please share your experience with the Accuphase F-20 2-way Active Crossover. I would like to know how the F 25 and F 20 compare with other active crossover like:

Pass Labs XVR1
Marchand XM126
Sony TA-D900
Pioneer D23
And any other.
I think the F 25 is a wonderful crossover, the only transistorized item in my otherwise tubed front end. I can't comment on the others, although I would think it would be generally the sonic equal of the Pass labs unit. The Pass is more flexible within its two way architecture, but requires stacked units to get it to three or four way, increasing expense and number of chassis. The Accuphase F 25 can be configured from two to four way, choice of three crossover slopes (12,18, and 24db/octave), phase reversal switch and volume control for each band. The F 20 is the same as the F 25, but in two way configuration, and to get three or four way would also require stacking the units.
Also, if you need three way only, the Accuphase F 15L is a wonderful sounding unit, I have one also and can't really tell much difference between the F 25 and the F 15L soundwise, although the F 15 is somewhat less flexible than the F 25 and offers only two slopes (12 and 18).
These analog active crossovers have become somewhat unfashionable with the availability of elaborate and flexible digital units, but I prefer keeping things in the analog domain for my vinyl front end.
Thank you Cjfrbw for the info.

Does anyone know whether the Pass Lab Xover is digital or analog?

Also, does anyone have any experience with the Accuphase digital active x-over DF-35 and DF-45? I am very curious to know how those two compare with the Accuphase analog cross over.
View this thread for some info:
The Pass Labs is discrete analog.
@ Austinacoustic:

There are more people than you think using active crossovers and bypassing the passive ones inside the speakers.

@ Cjfrbw:
I also prefer analog XOs over digital XOs but the latter are getting better and better and can do more than just XO functions. But I still believe the analog ones are more neutral than the digital ones.

Some others analog XOs out there:

First Watt B4 (for normal speakers)
First Watt B5 (open baffle speakers)
Bryston 10B
The F-25 is the highest fidelity crossover I've tried, audibly superior to Bryston 10B as well as to the various Rane, Ashly, JBL and other pro audio crossovers.

The downside is the high cost of frequency modules. My current active set-up requires 100 and 1000-1200 Hz crossover points, but single frequency modules are not only hard to find, but typically selling for US$500 and up,

Unless your just into the looks of that old F25.

A Pass First Watt B4 would be a far better sounding, and versatile active Xover, just doesn't look as glam. And you don't have to search for non existent modules, it's all done by dip switches inside, with a comprehensive manual.

Cheers George
it is all about what sound you want to acchive...the pass will be the best in the "modern" category...the accuphase is the 80ties sound champion with the best possible adjustments you can do on it. I for my system used to have Accuphase, all JBL models, Bryston (LR, sub, regular) and now I tripped on JC design called Symetry...the sound of music.
Greetings fro 2019, thanks for the useful info about the Accuphase F-25.
Let me ask you, do you think the F-25 made in 1992, is vital to revise the unit? change some internal components of the boards from modern ones?

As it must have to do with vintage amps, recap, and etc...?

Many thanks guys.. it will be my first active crossover.
cosmicjazz, I think it is a mistake to play around with it. Accuphase equipment is build to the highest level of quality. Unless something fails leave it alone. Chances are you will only make it worse. 
IMHO the best use of an active crossover is for subwoofer management or when building your own speakers. 
Thanks, makes sense, was taking a look and the build quality indeed appears to no need service for many many ears... maybe same applies to the F-15L that is a late 80's product...  considering purchase one..