Accuphase DP75V: does it still hold its own ?

Hi, I have the chance of buying a (obviously preowned) Accuphase DP75V.
I now own a Naim CDX2 + XP5PS, which I really like; the reason why I'm thinking about this change is that I bought an Accu E360 int. amp and I'd like to have a 'mono-brand' set up; moreover, I'm downsizing the stereo (I came from pre+power amp separates, and wolud like to have the CDP in one single chassis as well), but my hope it's much more a physical downsizing than related than sound quality.

So, the questions are:
- would an Accu 75V better (or, at least, not be worse than) my CDX2 + XP5XS ?
- in general, does a 75V (15or so years old, I think) still hold its own, or should I go for a more recent CDP, maybe a recent Accu like DP500 ? (DP510 and higher ones in the line are out of my budget, even used: Accus are highly overpriced here in Italy, compared to Japan retail price).

SACD is not relevant (I guess I own 10 SACD's or so, over 1500 digital titles), DAC is only secondarily relevant (I'm not going "liquid" at the moment).

all comments are welcome, though in particular those about 75V vs CDX2 or 75V vs. recent Accu CDP's.

thanks, ciao
For playing Redbook cd’s (pcm) I’d stay with the Naim CDX2 + XP5PS, (2 x PCM1704 + PMD200 hdcd) being proper multibit unless you can get an Accuphase DP75 which is 16 x PCM1702 multibit.

Cheers George
So you think a dp75 sounds better than a dp75v ?
With just playing pcm Redbook cd's 16/44 or 24/96 which both will do, I would have to say yes the odds are in favour for the DP75, used prices also indicate this in Japan where there are many of both.
And I would say even the DP75 could be hard pressed to better your Naim CDX2 + XP5PS, as it being multibit as well, it also has the advantage of having the better filter chip the PDM200, this chip can also do HDCD cd's which is another step up again.

Cheers George
Thanks! for sharing- George (georgehifi).

I have an interest in an Accuphase DP-65v, but worry about critical parts and service for an older spinner.  Does anyone know if Accuphase stocks the laser drive/assemble for the older DP-55, 55v, 65 and 65v models?

Happy Listening!

you are in a tough decision- Naim vs. Accuphase.
I have heard a few Naim players and they are excellent. I have not spent time w/ Accuphase but you like to find a dealer/retailer that has their CD/SACD players in showrooms.


DP-65v Sony KSS-272A very hard to get new

DP-55 Sony KSS-240A still cheap $20 but getting hard to get new

DP-55V Sony Kss240A " " "

DP-65 Sony KSS-272A very hard to get

Naim CDX-2 Philips VAM1250 easy to get new $20 -$30 ebay

Once again stay with the Naim.

If you really have itchy feet to change to another CD player

Then go with a Naim CD555/PS555 or a Linn CD12 mkII, or a Mark Levinson No39

Cheers George

Thanks, George.
could you please tell me about the sonic differences you noti ed when you compared dp75 to dp75v ? and maybe to cdx2 ?
after all, that's what it's all about, ain't it ? :-)
If you go for the Accuphase I'd be interested in the CDX2 - back when I used CD players it was my all time favorite 😄 - the price of course have to be right. 

Good Listening

Define: "right" :-D
just kiddin', but I'm not sure it would be convenient to you: I live in Italy and if you are overseas shipping fees are very high.
😄 the CDX2 is a magnificent player - I would choose it over the Accupase - which I also consider a excellent machine. 

Good Listening

Thanks, George.
could you please tell me about the sonic differences you noti ed when you compared dp75 to dp75v ? and maybe to cdx2 
Never compared them, but one is Multibit (DP75) and the other is Delta Sigma (DP75V)
With all players I've compared between the two with, it's the Multibit I prefer for doing RedBook cd (pcm) with, it's got a jump factor that to me the Delta Sigma can't equal. Delta Sigma to me is sweet enough, but tends to put me to sleep, doesn't excite like Mulitbit.
As for the CDX-2 it's Multibit, so are the other three I mentioned (Naim CD555/PS555 or a Linn CD12 mkII, or a Mark Levinson No39)

Cheers George   
so you did not even hear them separately, right ? OK, just to understand, any comment is welcome and I thank you.

those players you mention are way too expensive for me.

anyone who had the chance to compare DP75V to CDX2 ?

Then as I hinted stay with your CDX2 + XP5XS
Maybe this will convince you Daniel what’s best for PCM Redbook CD replay, from MoJo Music. And why now there is a big swing back to R2R Multibit, even if it has to be done discrete, because the chip manufacturers find it too expensive to make, compared to a Delta Sigma chip they are a 10th of the price to manufacture as there is no laser trimming of the R2R ladder resistor network, because there is none.

"When a PCM file is played on a DSD/Delta Sigma or Bit Stream converter, the DAC chip has to convert the PCM to DSD in real time. This is one of the major reasons people claim DSD sounds better than PCM, when in fact, it is just that the chip in most modern BitsStream/Single-Bit/Delta Sigma DACs do a poor job of decoding PCM."

Cheers George
thanks, George,
very interesting.
what surprises me a bit (or a multibit :-D) is that I've read tens of comments on DP75 vs DP75V and the vast majority (if not the totality) of them, based on listening, was: DP75V is a neat step forward, it is the one to go for, forget about DP75.
OK, common opinion is not a proof, but it may be a clue.

so I wonder: is it all down to the chips ?
Yes, it is all about the chips.
Keep us posted- daniele_g

Happy Listening!
some think transport and power supply unit are very relevant too; as a Naim owner, I do know that PS makes a neat difference.
that said, I don't know what differences, if any, are between 75 and 75V (apart from the chips), so....

OK, I'll think it over...

DP75V is a neat step forward
I believe that could stem from it's ability to be able to decode sacd which is dsd without the flag, but for Redbook, if that's what you want, then the 75 is the way to go, as Mojo music implies 75v would be "a neat step backwards" for Redbook.
But like I believe stick with the Naim, as if you ever need a laser (as I've shown you above) for the Accuphase you could end up with an expensive door stop.

Cheers George   
DP75V dose not read SACD, unless you have a separate board and a SACD transport.
I believe what Mojo music says, but I believe also in what ears say.

anyway, at the moment I think I'll keep the Naim.
tomorrow never knows.
DP75V dose not read SACD
It’s dac input will of the 75V if you have a transport that gives a SACD digital stream, and because of this it should do dsd as well. Certain model Playstation can give out SACD and the Stereophile review of the 75V says Accuphase transport can as well, I believe it was the DP-100, good luck finding one, and it uses the  Sony KHS-180A  laser

Cheers George
Yes, but you need an aftermarket optional board on the DP75v DAC to decode DSD, joining a DP100 transport indeed.
but the stock DP75v per se can't decode DSD.
I'm not sure that so many people bought that optional board and a DP100 to use it as a SACD player; guess they would buy a DP85 instead.
my humble guess is comments about DP75v are about redbook.
unfortunately, looks like all those people hadn't read Mojo nor Stereophile. ;-)
I’m not sure that so many people bought that optional board
I would say if the new buyers had the deep pockets to buy one new, they would have got the board to do sacd with also.
But watch if your thinking about the transport for that laser with the DP100 only one new one for $$$ you can see two lasers in it one for CD and the other for sacd.

Cheer George
thanks, George, but I'm not going that way.
I'd rather get a DP85, in case.

I don't understand why your so keen to get out of the  CDX2 + XP5XS

DP85 Vintage 2002
AD1853 "Delta Sigma"
Laser  KHM230AAA cheap build quality compared to all the others.

Cheers George
well, I'm not so keen about it; it's just a will of:
- put two chassis into 1;
- investigate the mono-brand synergy, if any;
- curiosity :-)

...oh, and yes: aesthetics: if I don't go for an Accu CDP, I may go for a Naim Supernait to have more visual harmony in my living room :-D
though I know that if I take a SN, I will be very soon desiring a HiCap, so I'll put the single chassis of my Accu int into 2 (or more) Naim... just the opposite direction I'm trying to go to


If you like single chassis and aesthetics are important I suggest to look at  Marantz SA-1 or SA7S1. Accuphase is dull and boring in comparison. I`ve had a lots of different Accuphase plus many other expensive players. Marantz top reference players are pretty nice step above sonically.
Just my 2¢
thanks, Plutos.
I must confess I've heard several models by Marantz (but never top of the line) and they were not my cup of tea.
to be honest, I don't even like their look that much, but that's just a question of personal tastes, obviously.

thanks for the suggestion. :-)
You`re welcome Daniele!

I agree that lower Marantz models are nothing special but these top players are absolutely from another world.
Anyway if you`re going to buy Accuphase then I clearly suggest to pick DP75 over 75V and DP67 over DP500 or 510. The newer Accuphase models are not always better sounding than older ones.

Good luck!

Keep us posted - Daniele


well, jafant,
in the end (or at least at the moment) I decided to give up.
though the vast majority of those who listened to all the quoted CDPs (I may say: everybody but georgehifi, who did not listen to them, actually) told me the DP75V is the best integrated redbook player ever by Accuphase (except from the recent DP700-720), nevertheless same people warned me to be careful due to its age and difficulty to find the discontinued Sony transport in case of trouble, and adviced me to buy the spare part, if I can find one, together with the player.
I asked the italian official distributor and they told me they still had some stock spare part (how many ? for how long ?) priced at 750€ -guess it's 850-900$ or so, I don't know.
and the player itself is not cheap as well; don't know if it still holds its own, but sure holds a quite high price.
a little bit too much for me... gotta think it over.