Accuphase, Balanced or Single End?

I've had an Accuphase P-450 power amp and a C-275V preamp for a few months now and finally snagged a DP-75V for redbook playback. The amp and preamp came with a 1 meter Cardas Golden Cross XLR balanced interconnect and that's what I'm using between them. My old CD player just had RCA outs and I was using CGC between it and my preamp. How much of a differance if any would be noticed going balanced all the way through the system? The system now is dead quiet. One meter max on the length of the cables. Anybody with Accuphase gear come up on this before, and what sounds the best? Thanks!
Hi Brian - My C275 / P450 combo is also presently connected unbalanced, as is the cdp input. I looked into using balanced connections, but I decided against trying it because that actually lengthens the circuit path by adding additional stages. The C275 is not a fully balanced topology; it it internally unbalanced & they accomodate balanced interfaces by tacking on an additional input stage (when used) and an additional output stage, when used. The additional stages certainly cannot improve the noise figure, and very likely degrades it even if only slightly.
When all of the components in a system signal path are designed fully balanced, then certainly there is an advantage to balanced interfacing; not in this case however.
FYI: The C275 was significantly improved with the use of a Synergistic Research Designer Reference Squared AC cord (with the active shielding) in my system.