A New or Repaired faceplate for Marnatz 7

How would a person find a new faceplate for a Marantz 7 pre-amp. Does anyone repair faceplates ? Does anyone restore faceplates? One corner is bent, from dropping.
I found out that VAC who made the reissue Marantz 7 has new front panels (125.00). They will have the switch hole made larger so it will fit the old style Marantz 7 (40.00) for a grand total of 165.00...Not bad for a pre-amp that cost 264.00 new. Such is life in the world of HI-FI.
A good start would be http://www.classic-audio.com
Might try two places in Portland, OR. Audio Specialties (Doug Siegel) at 503 257 3206 or Echo Audio echohifi.com(Kurt)at 888 248 ECHO as they deal almost exclusively with used. Good luck.