Finger Print Removal on Aluminum Faceplates

I have a amp in perfect condition with the minor exception that it does get some finger print "oil" marks on the front mounted power switch. Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning aluminum faceplates of finger print marks. In particular, I have other units that only have silkscreen labeling on the faceplate. So consideration of the not extremely durable silkscreening needs to be taken into account. Any help appreciated.
very dilute solution of warm water and dishwashing soap with a soft cloth. Follow with just warm water and another dry clean cloth. Make sure to ring out the cloth very well as not to get liquid in the electronics.

Cleaners for electronics (endust, pledge) also work well, but be careful and never spray directly on the component - use at your own risk!!
Kind of related question to someone out there. I often see thin plastic film attached to LED window when a NEW electronics equipment is sold, obviously to protect from scratch while transportation. I wonder whether that kind of film, or other form, can be obtained (hardware store?) so that the shiney (aluminum or chrome) faceplate is protected from "fingerprint" during the daily use. It sounds ridiculous, but may be good to protect the re-sale value. Anyone?
I have used rubbing alcohol with good results, though I'm not sure that this wouldn't be harmful for some surfaces.
I have used a soft cloth or paper towel moistened with Windex for thirty five years.....with no problems. John
I like Windex if I don't want the piece shiny or Pledge if I do.....Normally like Windex better....
I also find Windex does a great job on most audio and video equipment. Just be sure you spray it on a soft 100% cotton cloth - an old cottom t-shirt does fine - and clean away. There are also some new microfiber cleaning cloths on the market now; and they might be a good choice to use with windex also.
I use a spray can of Endust for Electronics; it's a both great cleaner & static neutralizer. Spray some on a small swatch of blue lint-free paper towel & clean your faceplate &/or the whole component, exchanging to fresh sides or new pieces of towel as-required. It has not caused any problems at all with the silkscreening on my equipmnent. I also use this cleaning techinique when I'm cleaning up a component for resale, or when cleaning up something that I've bought which the previous owner had neglected to clean. My buyers are typically very pleased, even to the point that they may comment "this piece looks just like brand new".
I've used Caig Pro-Gold to clean some tough fingerprints off some RCA's. May be too harsh for your needs.
What a quick set of thoughts. Thanks for all that have contributed so far and encourage others that may have other ideas.
THE Best is 90% rubbing alcohol Period! all around, jacks and all. ok Bob, lets here it! lol
I agree that 90% rubbing alcohol is okay for most things, but it may damage silkscreening.
Tony whatever makes you happy is cool with me - no need to rehash the old debate :)
We agree to disagree on the subject 'nuff said.
Windex or Sparkle I can agree with, but again not on any electrical contacting surfaces.