Rehab or replace a faceplate?

I have a Tice MBF-4 that the faceplate is looking a little worn (got it that way). Is there some place that specializes in rehabbing these or is there some place that I might be able to get a replacement??
You can get a new one from Tice, or have yours painted, which will make it look grat, but different from the factory version. Either way, it will be expensive, unless you do it yourself. Probably easier to buy a fresher one on the gon, and take the hit on your beat up unit.
Thanks - I thought about Tice, but thought they were out of business - is there somebody who still stocks parts for their equipment?
Additional note - the faceplate itself looks fine, its the screening (two horizontal white lines - like pinstripes) that look bad.
Well, this is blasphemy, but if you cover all but the screening with blue Scotch painters tape, you can spray it with white paint. Make sure the tape is taut and straight as you put it on. Hold a long piece with both hands and line it up carefully...