A great SS preamp with separate power supply

I am curious if there is a SS preamp with separate power supply, which could match the best tube preamp, with remote capability. Anything that would be up to 2.5 k, used.
How are the Rowland preamps or the Mark Levinsons?
I have yet to hear a SS that matches the best of tube pre sound (I'm not claiming guru status on the subject, of course). Some SS pre's "emulate" a tube sound: older Rowlands, top-line Symphonic Line... there are others. Strengths I'd associate with SS are clarity, speed, and precision -- but not tube-like mid-range musicality. Goldmund, big Burmester, YBA passion or better, FM Acoustics, and the big M-Lev fall under this SS category -- to name a few I'm familiar with.
Conrad Johnson Motif MC-7. Also on the budget end the early Stan Warren Superfon Preamps.
Bartolomew Aloia uses a separate inductive power supply which is the only preamp I know of using inductive. This preamp was better in most aspects compared to the CAT Ultimate.
the classe cp-60 can be had for that price, uses a seperate power supply and sounds fine.
Have you compared the Aloia PST 11.01i to the CAT Ultimate. I ask because I'm trying to find a remote capable ss pre with the same sonics as the Ultimate.
Ayre K-3 is a fantastic preamp and can be had for your price (used) w/its magnificent phono section and remote included. Power supply separate.
Pass Labs has a SS pre-amp with separate power supply, and Pass has a reputation of sounding exceptionally smooth and somewhat "tubelike"-- could be expensive and I haven't actually heard the Pass pre. I use a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 (6 tubes) with separate power supply. It's neutral, accurate, smooth, not "tubey" and very versatile. Cheers. Craig
If you want something that will "match the best tube preamp", then why not buy the best tube preamplifer your budget will allow. If you want tube sound, then buying anything solid-state will be a disappointment.
Look for a Rowland Consummate Preamp. You won't see them on audiogon often because the sound is superb, the remote the absolute best on a remote stereo system and quality second to none. I owned one for years and sold it because I wanted to try something different and wished I had held on to it. Good luck finding one.
I am shocked that no one has mentioned the SimAudio P-3 and P-5 yet.