350 SACDs and Counting

Here's a list of over 350 SACDs.

Another thanks. I have been looking for a list like this.
Great list! Thanks for posting the link.
Thanks, very considerate!
Thank you for the post. It just proves that there are not enough titles for my listening that will make me want to buy into this format. I will wait for the format wars and technology to settle down before investing in another format.
Personally I got tired of waiting on who's going to win the format wars so I have been enjoying SACD for almost a year now.The way I look at it if you don't get into it now you may never get to it at all, as there's always a new thing that's going to be better than what we have now.Thanks for the list Tommart.
Posts (self) justifying why one doesn't buy into a certain format, especially SADC as of late, are tiresome. Who cares why you do or do not buy into this format? Proves? to whom? Tommart seems to be courteous enough to try to enlighten those who have, and the thread is geared accordingly. Taking up a self aggrandizing position is ones choice, but to assume others are interested is erroneous. Nice, thoughtful post, Tommart.
Thank you Tommart for that great info.
SACD is the way to go.
The list miss number of SACD's: First Impression Music, Red Rose, Vanuard, ASV are first coming to mind; Sony announce future release of 10 multi-channel, Telatc seven, Delos seven, DMP four, BIS one, Hyperion one, rap labels zero...
I think Sacd is in the lead. For me, there are almost enough titles to consider buying a player. I'll take SACD even more seriously when a multi format player is released. Neither format will really succeed until it is packaged with a DVD player. For most consumers SACD or DVD-A would be a feature as important (or unimportant) as progressive scan.
Two multichannel SACD players are selling. One is the $2,000 list Philips 1000 CD/DVD/SACD player. The second is the $1,700 SCD-C555ES CD/SACD player. Sony has announced 9 additional multichannel players, including three CD/DVD/SACD players ranging from $400 to $1,000 list. A $400 CD/SACD player is due in June. All 9 new players supposed to be out by October.

I agree that a $400 Sony CD/DVD/SACD player should sell quite well. It may sell better than all SACD players sold to date.
If you go to the above mentioned site, check out the search feature by typing ctrl + F.

If you really want to be thorough and think the philips site may be missing some titles you can try this: go to www.amusicdirect.com and you’ll come to a window that asks you to type in the name of an artist you’re looking for. Type in anyone like ‘coltrane’ and click search. The next window that pops up will have ‘coltrane’ selected with more options. Delete ‘coltrane’ (aside: because there are NO SACDs FOR COLTRANE BUT THE SOUNDTRACK FOR THE TITANIC HAS A SACD??!! CELINE DION ??? HAS A SACD!? MEATLOAF!!??!!! HAS A SACD!!!) and go to the ‘type of media’ window and click on sacd then run the search. the idea here is to leave the artist blank. There are 178 sacds listed. You can also search for HDCD and more formats.

Sorry for the outburst.
A very helpful outburst Kubla, thanks!!
Kubla, you forgot MJ's Thriller. I hear they where going to do the Coltrane but it is delayed. They need the workstations to complete all of the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync albums. I can't wait ! I am wondering if Sony just picked some guy at random off the street to decide the titles to be released, then again, I would like to give the average guy off the street more credit.
Anyone listen to any Toto lately?
Thanx to whomever for the negative votes on my previous post. It means at least you read it. What's that old joke- if the foo shits?
Mark, evened you out and a bit more, happen to agree with you.
plus a couple more
toto, michael jackson, n'sync...what next, john tesh? i can't take anymore of these so i beg you guys to stop. let's seethe in private.
I am hoping they get the Barney sings along with the Tele-tubbies out by the end of summer. Should really show off the format.

More important than number of SACD's is the number/percentage of quality recordings, which in the case of SACD, seems to be at least 40% of what I've heard. Some of the Sony remasters of 70's and 80's are so so or just plain terrible, but that's balanced by FIM, Red Rose, Opus and others who have done a nice job on.

In addition to my recently aquired SCD-1 front end, I also jumped on the DVD-A bandwagon a while ago, but I've got only three DVD-A recordings I like (out of about 15) and that's only because they give me a decent souround sound fix once in while -- they in no way approach the SACD front end in sonic quality. Sonically, I can't afford to duplicate my tube 2 channel system x 3, which is what DVD-A wants you to do. I think, for that reason, it may become a favorite of the HT crowd and my well survice in that niche, especially if they can get some full motion video on the discs.

I'll post some more direct (unbiased comparisons) between my SCD-1 front end and DVD-A system when I get my newly arriving Classe 400 into the DVD-A system -- at least then I may approach the Aranov monoblocks, First Sound, SCD-1 in detail (although I doubt it). Finally, I'm thinking of getting Stan Warren to go over my Pioneer 38A and bring it up a notch or two. And what to do with that bass-impaired HT centre channel speaker - DVD-A would like it too to be full-range? I think we'll face the same problems with multichannel SACD: You may be able to afford high end for two channels, but doing it all around is almost three times as expensive, especially with long runs of speaker cabling. Oh well, I guess its two channel SACD for most of us audiophiles by default.