2ce sig ii tilt and listening height

hello, my 2nd post. i have the 2ce sig ii's and i have them titled back to accomodate my listening height. i sit in an office desk chair and when i lean back in that chair, it seems like the image lowers a bit and warms up, dire straits' mark knopfler's voice seems to blend back into the music and it sounds somewhat more mellow.

now, sitting more upright in my chair (ears a couple inches higher so maybe too high for the alignment?) mark's voice and the music tends to be a little more forward and perhaps more detailed.

question is, which is more accurate considering these speakers and the reported small window of optimum listening position?

The only answer is what sounds better to you? Almost all systems will shift the image and soundstage as you move up and down and side to side. Find the sound you're looking for and "listen to the music".
The only answer is what sounds better to you

I second that.


You'll need to experiment to find the proper tilt angle for your listening height and distance from the speakers. I set my 2CE sigs up with very little tilt after noticing they sounded best when I was standing at the listening position. It took a few tries to get it dialed in. Worth it when it's there though.
Try a bubble level and adjust speakers correct from side to side by adjusting spikes in bases
Then get a laser level place it on top of each speaker
aimed to behind your listening chair.
Mark with tape where the lasers land for both speakers and get them both exact.
then do the tilt back to your preference.
This will help you figure out where the magic is.
Make sure you snug up all bolts after you are done.
I would make sure you have an area rug between you and the speakers and try book cases first before you pad down all the walls this will better preserve coherence, overtones and harmonics.
Make sure if you are bi wired your speaker wire is the same
type and gauge on woofers and tweeters separated at least 4 inches apart on both speakers and if you can keep it off the floor.
Cheers Johnnyr
Try to tilt them back even more. You can experiment putting some books under the front. Those speakers are very placement dependent.
Good advice John, but Vandersteens don't always need to be tilted back. I have "found the magic" on more than one ocassion with Vandersteens setting level. The OP's room is only 12'x12' and depending on his listening height and distance from the speakers he may need to tilt the speakers forward. See OP's other post titled "room tuning 12ftx12ft room".
oh wow, that thread is exactly what i need! i figured noone here would be caught dead with a room this small so i didn't even search :)

thanks. i'll experiment some more and read that thread.
ha, that's my other thread!
Ha thats my other thread
I saw frogs well intended suggestion in G19276 other thread
but disagree
Why would anyone want to settle on a less natural sounding 2 way mini box when all you need to do is kill any excessive room overload with a simple Vandersteen assessment x over box and later insert the proper x 2 for uniform in room response.
i've seemed to set them up fairly well now. i popped in a few cd's now and things are clicking better. the speakers are about 7'8" apart and i'm actually a lot closer to them, about 4'7-9" from the back wall. i've lowered the back spike so they aren't as tilted back as they were and the stage has gotten taller and pretty well focused. save one issue that i've noticed in two different rooms. on a chesky test disc, hitting a tom, center, left, right are solid, "extreme left" the tom comes almost directly from my left middle of the room and "extreme right" seems to be a few feet right of my right speaker (inline with the speakers) where it should be. bass is better now that i'm out away from the back wall, but looks like i'm going to have to get some traps or make some. -steve