2017 may be the year for a new cartridge for my LP12

I've had my current cartridge, a Linn  Arkiv B, for somewhere around 15 years. I think it's finally due for retirement. Soliciting ideas for a replacement cartridge. The rest of my vinyl front end is  a Linn  LP12, Lingo power supply, Ekos II arm with a Kore subchasis. For the rest of my system, see my profile.

My last cartridge was a Troika, and while I know people extol their Troikas, I preferred the Arkiv B over the Troika (but the Troika was a beautiful red). I suppose a Kandid is an obvious choice; what else should I consider? Thanks all!
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I no longer have my LP12, but I went from a Troika to the Lyra Kleos. I was using a Linto at the time, but the Lyra sound has always seemed very natural and accurate without sounding over analytical. You may add one of the Lara's to your list of candidates.

"what else should I consider?"

Shelter, Dynavector, Lyra

I am in the same situation in regards to looking for a new cartridge in 2017. I am considering the Benz LPS MR, an excellent cartridge, the Lyra line, the new MSL's...although these are very hard to source, and possibly a ZYX.

Budget considerations are the main issue along with compatibility to your tonearm and phono preamp. Zavato, in your case, you are probably less concerned about the phono preamp than I am. With the Ekos 2 arm, the Kandid is indeed the natural choice. ( It's made by Lyra). 

If Kandid is a stretch, the Krystal is available from Linn and will  slot right into your current deck nicely. I personally favor the Dynavector's and the XX2 is hard to beat at that price point!
The Dynavector 20X2 is a fabulous cartridge if it is compatible with your tone arm.