15A to 20A adaptor

Hi All

I want to try and replace the power cord between the wall and my BPT power conditioner. I have some fine 15A cords that i'm not using currently but since the BPT need a 20A IEC I want to try and use a 15A to 20A adpator before spending on a 20A cord.
Any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance
Just replace the cord cap on the cord with this one and you should be good to go. If you are not sure how to do have a qualified electrician do it for you.


Heres a link to a 20A IEC cord cap
Or...you could use this:

I sometimes use the Voodoo and it works fine. I used it with PS Audio Statement PCs to my amps that use 20 amp inputs.
I have also used the Voodoo adapter as Stanwal mentioned and I agree, it works well.
The Hubbell adapter in the link provided by Pbaudio looks like it is for what the OP is asking to do. Hubbell makes good quality products that is used in Hospitals, and Commercial/Industrial buildings, and that must say something about their quality.
Voodoo Cable makes a fine adaptor. Mine has worked for years without problems. I use it from PC into Audience power conditioner.
The Hubbell that Pbnaudio posted is a 20 amp end only. It is *not* an adapter like the other. I checked the Hubbell site and this would require you to remove your present end, and install this. I don't think this is what you had in mind. Sorry for error.