Review: Audioquest FLX-Mini / RCA Adaptor Interconnect

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Budget esoterica review magazine
May 2014 issue

You can have your cake with icing and eat it too

This month i will be reviewing the Audioquest FLX-Mini / RCA
adaptor. I will be using it in conjunction with my NSMT modified Lepai amplifier and i will be using the exact same equipment and ancillaries that i used with my modified lepai amp review. I am also going to be listening to the same reference cd's i used in said review. The adaptor is available at B & H photo for $11.75 plus shipping. The adaptor cable is around 8 inches long and has a 3.5 mini plug on one end and 2 rca female jacks on the other. The cable is made from solid perfect-surface copper+ and has gold plated plugs. Installation is simple, just plug the 3.5 mm male plug into the mini jack on the back of the lepai amp and connect your interconnect of choice to the 2 rca female jacks. Doing this will give you subtle but noticeable improvements in sound quality. How much improvement you hear of course will depend on your system as well as the quality of the recordings that you are listening to. I mainly concentrated on the acoustic moods cd simply because that was the best recording of the bunch. Listed below are the improvements in sound quality that i experienced in my system.

details are easier to hear
stronger output
increased sound stage width and depth
weightier sound
tighter sound
punchier bass
smoother vocals with better flow
improved dynamics
improved accuracy
purer sound
more musical/fuller sound
crisper highs with more detail
sound is a little more organic
highs are a little fuller and more tube-like
improved tonal color
quieter sound
more transparent
more polished
cleaner/less distortion
increased resolution
improved density
more rounded sound
slight image shaping
increased solidity to the highs
greater stability

To sum it up, the audioquest flx-mini adaptor is somewhat of a stone cold bargain. It is the icing on your audiophile cake platter. In terms of a value perspective i would say it is the equivalent of buying a $100 interconnect for under $12. I highly recommend this adaptor as one of the true bargains in audio today!

Associated gear
NSMT modified Lepai amp
Denon DVD-1920
virtue audio nirvana ic
white lightning moonshine sc
Cullen cable power cord
Atacama speaker stands
madisound vifa studio speakers