$1300 used amp to effortlessly drive VR4JR

Downsizing my system and I need to choose a used amp that will drive my Von Schweikert VR4JR with no strain in a 22 x 15 x 10 listening room, too sometimes loud levels. I'm on a tight budget, so buying on the used market and need to stay under $1300. Under consideration is:

Musical Fidelity A300 or 3.2
Blue Circle BC24
Channel Islands D100
Unison Unico
Plinius 8200 MKII

I am somewhat aware of all of these (all w/ thier strengths & weaknesses) Pretty certain that the CI & Plinius will drive the VR4JR but not my ist choice. The MuFi if powerful enough, are amp's that I won't regret. My 1st choices are the BC24 or the Unison but am concerned they will falter at higher volumes. At this price level I rather sacrifice some detail in favor of a laid back warmer sound.

Any experience with these or any other low priced amps when matched
with the jr's?
Any comments or suggestions appreciated!
Personally I think the JR absolutely need some power to get going, otherwise they can just sound a little boring. One muscle amp that can be had fairly cheap is the Innersound ESL 300. I tried it with my pair and while I ended up liking the sound with a higher priced pair of Parasound JC-1s, the ESL 300 had the power the JRs needed.

My first choice on your list as is would be the Plinius, only because I know it to have pretty high power for an integrated.
I agree with Ejlif, and second the Plinius choice. Having been running Plinius gear for some time, they have the warm sound with the power you need, and in my estimation, still very detailed. Good luck...happy listening!
I second the Innersound ESL,but only in digital based systems.The magic isn't there with analog/Digital spectacular.You might consider the Symphonic Line RG-1 MKII/III.
You can get a new Dussun V8i from highend palace for $1600. Should do the job.
I'd buy this one on Audiogon. Looks like the best in your price range.

Thanks for your input & some excellent suggestions. A couple I never heard of! I talked w/ a couple of people about Plinius; Originally thought about DK, but the upgraded versions are more $; not familiar w/ the Innersound or Aragon - (looking for Innersound,I somehow ended up at Mike Elliot's Counterpoint rebuild site-good stuff & ran out of time b4 getting into a search for Aragon); spent an hour reading about the Dussun (sounds like a great buargain);
but coming from tube monoblocks (Wolcott) I think Van Alstine may be the way for me to ease into this downsizing.
Anyway, your experienced posts certainly helped & provided for an entertaining Sat. afternoon!

i've owned several acurus and aragon amps in my days, including the palladium ii monoblocks. aragon amps are great if you're looking for huge, gutteral power, but they are very, very neutral in my opinion. they will not give you a "laid back warmer sound" (by themselves). if you're upstream equipment is laid back and warm, the aragon's will just pass this sound along to the vr4jr with gusto. if you do decide to go with aragon, i'd recommend a used 8008BB which falls within your price range. but, as i can attest to, aragon amps are not warm sounding by themselves.
Why not give a Rowland Model 5 a try. The speakers you list will need mucho power to begin to perform well. I had simialr Schweikerts and 200 a side just enough for moderate levels...