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phase linear amplifiers
Had the Ol 700B  and drove it pretty good, used to build up a lot of heat.Nice amp..My first power amp, Later on got another 700 series 2 with tha leds  Still nice   They clip at 625 a channel 
Dark Amplifier
Here is what I have now an Older  AB international  200 a side.Can anyone comment on the overall sound of this pro amp?I run old   JBL  l-300 type speakersThese as a Matter of Fact http://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-PRO-TWO-SPEAKERS-IN-WORKING-CONDITION-... 
Dark Amplifier
I had several Krells  The Mda300, Several  Ksa250's  KMA 200Funny thing that Ocm 500  Was a real favorite 
Dark Amplifier
1K.    Pretty much puts out the Krells even the Rowland, id up that for old larger Rowland  I think it was the model 2 
Dark Amplifier
10-4  On the Dr-9 
Pc Based Preamp
Yes thats it. Information please. 
Von Schweikert VR4 JR and Krell 400xi?
Well Ive owned VR-4IIISE and Vr-8. Krell to me was Not a good choice compared to good tube amplification. Period.This was ksa 250 And Mda300. Maybe the newer models are better but id listen before purchase. 
Bat VK250 / Pass X250.5?
VT200 II ? 
Going to USA: Where to buy LPs in CA and Vegas?
Try wax trax records on decatur ave. All Mint But pricey.very large amount of the best you will find 
Audible Illusions Modulous 3A & L2 Line Stage User
If you run Amplifiers with high sensitivity say anything under 1 1/2 volt pass on the unit. i owned 4 of these, The only way you will get it right is the L-1 Or L-2 because of the balance controls. But its you time and money so have fun. 
Audible Illusions Modulous 3A & L2 Line Stage User
L-2 has much better control on Volume level, this is a ISSUE for audible illusions units 
Balanced Phono question - forgive my ignorance
Be sure the preamp you choose is true fully balanced, or there is additional gain opamps involved that will DEGRADE the sound. Over here balanced sounds lifeless as single ended is much more involving. Belles preamp 
Can tube amps give true high end bass?
NO they cannot on anything under 8 ohms 
Tube amps and speaker ohms
Instead of playing games why not spend 2K and pick up a pair of excellent hurricane amplifiers and put power worries to rest. 
Krell Service
Service manager said 2 weeks or less. Simple fix 4 weeks. Not acceptable. If i pulled something like that where I work id be out the door. Krell does good work as they should.Ive spent upwards of 20K there. People there are very professional.I hav...