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Best amp to pair with new JBL L-100 speakers
Ive owned the L100's The original versions, Always had Great results With Crown Amplifiers. Dc300, Psa-2 ect.  
Audible Illusions M3A preamp just stopped outputting any signal
Dont send to factory  
San Diego tube amp repair
Here id a Place with much experience, georgemeyer-av.com     310 820 1113  
Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
Systems with Compression drivers.  
Speaker Placement and Toe-In
Interesting read. Von schweikert uses a Pink noise tone, Wilson has there own version. What helps is Identifying the first reflection point  and putting some sort of absorption there.  Good luck  
The Audible Illusions M3B preamp sounds amazing!
Good Info, Art seems to have picked up the Pace of late, Makes some fantastic units I have the L3B  with Remote  
KT90 VS KT88
A little late but "yes"  
Lowering Tube power amp output
Drop in some Kt-77's  There cheap now also  
Best amp to pair with new JBL L-100 speakers
Try A Rogue 120 Mono pair, (tubed) Has the Balls to control that woofer and drive it well then you will also enjoy the transparency of tubes, then you can roll in some input drivers to custom tailor the sound. I am very Familiar with Jbl and Have... 
Audible illusions Slow customer service
Finally got my unit, Its a beauty. Thanks Art   
Isn't it really about quality of recording?
1970's  Lps,  Jbls, Altecs.  Was pretty familiar with the sound of my records. Now have a good hiend system, listening to some of the old stuff one can hear the limitations of the older recordings, then some of these older recordings sound great ... 
Streaming vs Physical Media
Well for me have a modest collection of cd's wanted a good player, Went with the Jays version 3. Got a streamer, Byrston Bdp3 with Qobuz. The upper octaves are elevated as opposed to mid-range on down, Was ready to sell the Bryston stick with CD ... 
What tube amp are you using with Von Schweikert VR series speakers
Ive owned the vr-4's with a Number of tubed amps, Rogue has the drive do do the lowend justice, The rogues on the other had do Not have the mid range lushness. A set of Golden Dragon kt88's Might just do it. Another nice that grabbed the vr-4 by... 
I am new to streaming. Have a Good Dac And Music player. Was using Qobuz sounded Hifi with the treble turned way up, almost gave up on the streamer. Decided to download Tidal- 100% Better Sounds Like a good audio system. Not saying anything bad... 
Wilson Watt 3 Tiny Tots Tweeter issue
Those speakers are great, Drive them right