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Audio Education
Douglas Self on amplifier design: http://www.douglas-self.com/ampins/ampins.htmFloyd Toole on speakers and room acoustics: https://www.amazon.com/Sound-Reproduction-Psychoacoustics-Loudspeakers-Engineering/dp/0240520092 
buy a better usb cable or a BT for system
I would not worry about usb cables, whatever some may say: http://archimago.blogspot.nl/2013/04/measurements-usb-cables-for-dacs.htmlBluetooth is not a very good connection. If you want to stream from your tablet/smartphone, why not get a Chromeca... 
New to Digital
There is really no point in worrying about the quality of the Yamaha. See here for a test of the earlier AS700, identical but for the lack of digital inputs: http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/hi-fi/yamaha-a-s700-integrated-amplifier-review-a... 
It Looks Like Streaming May Be The Future
I think it is important to distinguish between downloading files like HiRez to your hard drive, and proper realtime streaming from the internet as with Spotify, Tidal or Qobuz.I love streaming. For me it represents the difference between having yo... 
Faint speaker hiss
Speakers themselves do not make any noise. You did not mention what source/input you were using. The phono input is always noisier than the line input as it needs more amplification. 
We Need A Separate Forum for Fuses
@georgehifi¬† +1 
What does moving from a 150 watt amp to a 400 watt amp get you?
A big amplifier is useful for a clean sound on dynamic peaks as in symphonic music. Harbeth's Alan Shaw recently did a demonstration of his big M40.1 speakers and the digital power meters on the monoblocks that he was using indicated they were del... 
New to Digital
The Yamaha is an excellent amplifier, and that includes the inbuilt DAC. Hence I fully agree with the suggestion to get a Chromecast Audio and use its optical digital output into your Yamaha. See here for a serious review with measurement data: ht... 
Questions from a noob on digital streaming
Flac is a completely bitperfect compression algorithm without any sonic signature. You can compress and decompress as many times as you want, and the files will still be identical, and identical to the original CD.If player software has a sonic si... 
Questions from a noob on digital streaming
Questions from a noob on digital streaming
It may be helpful to realize that there is a chain of components and functions, and that in some units some of these functions are combined, but need not be.1 streaming source, like Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz or TuneIn, to mention a few.2 a streamer to... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I agree with rvpiano. Recorded music can be represented quite realistically at home if the music is small scale and the room pretty large. Reproducing the full dynamics of a symphony orchestra is just not on, and will never be, I fear. The best to... 
Best standalone music server?
All these apps can do 24/96. The question is if the streaming service does this. The answer is basically no. Highest quality level right now is 16/44 for Tidal or Qobuz. That is true for the Chromecast Audio, but also for all other streamers.Strea... 
Have you ever hated the sound of your system one day, and loved it the next?
Nonsense. I did. 
Subwoofer Decision