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Minimum recommended amplification requirements and amplifier matching
I know many here disagree with me, but I am a strong advocate of powerful amplifiers for much better dynamics and less distortion on music peaks. It does depend on the size of the room, of course. 
Have you ever hated the sound of your system one day, and loved it the next?
I have never felt there were changes from one moment to the next. I have had first Quad els57s and later Quad 2805 speakers, and they have always sounded the same from one day to the next. The 2805s were an improvement, but in the same family. Aft... 
Good Used Speakers ($8K-10K) For A Little Listening Room
I am a great fan of active room correction. However, the problem is that it does not really work well in small rooms: the correction frequencies are just too high, and as a result the perfect listening position becomes very small. Room eq is great... 
Basic DAC Question
With an Oppo 205 you do not need a separate pre amp or an additional external DAC. The internal DAC is excellent, and its variable output can be fed straight into a power amplifier. That will save money, and may even sound better. 
Isolation stands: snakeoil?
Just get yourself even a basic cd player. It will beat any turntable (however much I dearly love their mechanical beauty). 
What is the preferred cartrige mm or mc and why
Quad had something similar with their earlier pre amps, with removable input boards for cartridges, and tailored boards for many well known cartridges of the day. The tape input board had adjustable settings for sensitivity, and I still use that t... 
Good Used Speakers ($8K-10K) For A Little Listening Room
The Schroeder frequency if this room will be about 280 Hz. Below that you will suffer pretty bad room modes, and more so if your speaker goes lower. 
Phono Stage for KEF LS50 Wireless. Ideas? Recommendations?
And for background knowledge: http://www.douglas-self.com/ampins/books/vinyl.htm 
MQA•Foolish New Algorithm? Vote!
Proper research is coming: https://secure.aes.org/forum/pubs/ebriefs/?ID=685 
Good Used Speakers ($8K-10K) For A Little Listening Room
1 yes. The more low freqencies you pump into such a tiny room, the more you will suffer from room modes, and all the more so if the room is square.2 irrespective of price, the best speakers that I know for such a small room would be the Harbeth P3... 
How to properly put audio equipment on top of an antique buffet cabinet?
The only reason to put anything underneath the electronics would be to protect the nice buffet. Sonically there is no need at all. 
70's Receiver and/or Integrated Amp recommendations
My father used to have a Luxman R1050. It was beautifully made, and sounded the part. 
Tandberg Unit needing some love
Why would it be? Electronics from that age is usually designed with many discrete and freely available components. If one of those has failed, it will be easy to repair. 
SME V Tonearm on eBay Hong Kong Sellers are FAKE!!!
I am not sure about the US, but here in Europe selling counterfeit goods is a crime, and so is taking them across borders or even buying them. 
SME V Tonearm on eBay Hong Kong Sellers are FAKE!!!
See here for Europol on counterfeit goods: https://www.europol.europa.eu/crime-areas-and-trends/crime-areas/intellectual-property-crime/counter...