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why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
However, five times 0% is still 0%. 
Would you change your amp selection knowing...?
In the old days Quad esl 57s could happily destroy less than stable amplifiers. 
Gladly done. Let us know how it all ends. I think it is a great system that costs next to nothing and has no sonic drawbacks even if combined with high end components. I admit, however, that if there is a glitch I sometimes need to consult my nine... 
If you use the Chromecast Audio, you can install apps on your phone/tablet for any service you like, be it Tidal, Spotify, TuneIn, BBC radio 3 or whatever takes your fancy. Since the Chromecast is sold in such huge numbers, there is hardly any ser... 
OK. This means you are using the DAC in the Oppo, which is fine. You could even use the Oppo as a very good pre amplifier and connect it directly to your power amplifier. However, on the Oppo you only have a Tidal App and nothing for other service... 
In need of some Amplifier advice. Is therereally any point in it with my current setup?
I think you should stick with the Yamaha for now and for quite a while. Amplifiers should not make much of a sonic difference, and by and large they don't. AV receivers are not ideal, but a recent one from a decent brand like Yamaha should not be ... 
What does moving from a 150 watt amp to a 400 watt amp get you?
Which Harbeth speakers are these - the P3ESRs? If so, your amplifier is at the beefy end of what they can handle.If not, the bigger Harbeths are more sensitive than this. How big is your room? 
Streamer vs computer?
MQA is not really high resolution. In fact, there are good indications that it is inferior or at least not better than cd red book. Look at the relevant threads. 
Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used
Organic Power Cord with Micro-Detail
Just use the stock cable. If you do not tell yourself that you did, it will sound just as glorious as the fancy cables. 
Norah Jones - Tidal vs. Hi Res ?
It is interesting. It shows what ha sbeenargued before, that the SACD version may indeed sound better, but not because of the format but because of the mastering, since the redbook layer has the same greater Dynamic range. 
2 Channel audio room chair ideas
Charles Eames' lounge chair 
Upgrading speaker cables...
I agree with Shadorne that fancy cables will not make a difference other than to your bank account, nor wil bi wiring. If they do, there is something wrong with either the cables, the speakers or the amplifier. Fancy cables are just great money ma... 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
Sure, and very good authority it is. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
The quotation marks are his, to define the position he wants to argue against. His own view comes with the words Audio signals are AC.....I am afraid I created some confusion. What I should have writen is: against the view that cables are directio...