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Not sure I understand the question. Do you use the Oppo as a streamer? Does it have a Tidal app? In that case I assume you have to turn on the TV and use it to display the menu.I hope others will now step in, because I don't have an Oppo nor do I ... 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
Mr Self does not need ESP. He has a first class honours degree in engineering from Cambridge University (i.e the top 10% of his year) and then psychoacoustics at Sussex University. For years he worked with audio legend Peter Baxandall and a number... 
Opera DVD players
A Bluray player will also play a DVD. I have never experienced problems playing a DVD on a Bluray player into a HD screen. One other thing to be aware of: if you have an older tv it may not have an hdmi connection for the video part but only scart... 
Speakers (and system) for a small-ish room
So glad you have come to like them. I love mine too. They are indeed glorious with a midrange to die for, a very clean bass and no harshness at all. The little Naim will indeed be enough in such a very small room. But as you say at higher listenin... 
MQA and the "Pre Ring - Post Ring" Hoax
Thanks indeed. This and the work by Benchmark and Archimago should settle this until the AES research is published. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
For those who want more information, from well known electronics engineer Douglas Self: http://www.douglas-self.com/ampins/pseudo/subjectv.htmWith quite a bit of bibliography for those keen to enlarge their knowledge. 
Mc Levinson vs McIntosh 601
Good amplifiers should not and do not have a sound of their own: they should be what Peter Walker once called 'a straight wire with gain'. However, this is conditional on three things, apart from basic design flaws. First, they should have enough ... 
So many integrated options -- McIntosh 8900, Levinson 585, Lyngdorf 2170, Anthem STR,
It all depends a bit on the other gear you want to use. Personally I have given up on analogue sources (I am deeply convinced of the superiority of digital), and I use a very good stereo system with large speakers and a sub for HT. If you are will... 
In the current market there is no high resolution streaming, if what you mean is live streaming from internet. The maximum quality for now is standard redbook CD, from Tidal in the US and Qobuz in Europe. The stream is compressed as a FLAC file, b... 
Opera DVD players
These days, a new disc player would be either a Bluray Player (there are some great Bluray opera discs) or even UHD Bluray. I would suggest an Oppo 203. It has both (very good) analogue and digital outputs. And it has superb UHD video quality. It ... 
Bluesound Powernode 2
Excellent point 
buy a better usb cable or a BT for system
Do you have measurements instead of insults? 
Bluesound Powernode 2
Alternatively, you may want to consider a Chromecast Audio based system. 
Best musical sub to pair with Atohm GT1 SE bookshelf speakers?
I would always try to go for two small subs for a smoother in-room response. For the same reason an Antimode 8033 dsp room eq system is also very useful. 
New to Digital
Enjoy. The digital output of the Chromecast Audio will certainly be a sonic improvement over the Bluetooth connection.As for speakers, I am afraid they are expensive, but they also have the biggest impact of the system’s sound. But since you alrea...