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Name the best sounding small portable bluetooth speaker anno 2021?
I have a pair of TurtleBox its in like a pelican case waterproof with a 6X9 coax speaker bluetooth pairs for stereo balanced for outside plays louder then you need  battery never died played them for over 10hrs  They sounded great on the beach thi... 
Michell Gyro SE Turntable
I use my own version of Gingko Audio cloud platform my floor is very bouncy  
Speaker impedance patterns - how to read them?
You are starting at the wrong link in the chain  start with speakers you like what if you don't like any speakers with your amp and you can crunch all the numbers you want its not going tell you how they sound demoing is the only way if your deale... 
DAC That Punches Above Its Price Point
Ayre Codex  
L-505uXII v. Hegel h190 to pair with Vandy Treo CT?
My vote is for Treos with Aesthetix MIMAS if it fits the budget or Belles Aria Signature  have listen to this combs exstensivelyEnjoy the MusicTom 
Speaker Upgrade ... Please Help Me
Vandersteen Treo CT $9000 or used Quatro CT $8000 and upEnjoy the journey Enjoy the Music Tom 
Measuring "Stylus Drag" with the RPM Speed and Wow app
Clearaudio has a speed record that you play when adjusting the speed of the platter 
Equipment Repairs NY area??
Audio Connection  Verona NJ  
Need help buying new speaker cable
Your local dealer should lend you cables to demo at home you need to hear it in your system  I have Rocket 88 doubled biwired in my system and they are very good if I had shorter runs I would have robin hood or william tell audioquest sound great ... 
New Streamer Transport
Second Aurender I have the N10 
Ayre Codex (former) Owners, what did you move on to?
I was using my MacBook and Codex to play HiRez music never sounded right The Bluesound Vault was more musical now steaming with Aurender N10 once I switch out the Codex for the Pandora it will be sublime 
Ayre Codex (former) Owners, what did you move on to?
I will be going to Aesthetix Pandor the Codex very good dac even better when I upgraded the power cord to Audioquest Thunder it's hard for me to let go of the Codex sense I make the Codex Cradle Enjoy the Music Tom 
Accuphase, Modwright, Mark Levinson, Aesthetix, etc.-integrated amp's phono stages?
Aesthetix offers phono card of MC and MM and also DAC cardhave not heard the phono but I do own Aesthetix Atlas and Pallene the Pallene is the preamp from the MIMAS Aesthetix is just great gear a step above Enjoy the MusicTom 
Help! Trying to choose between 2 integrateds that I haven't heard to pair w/Vandersteens
I have the Aesthetix Pallene and Atlas with my Vandy Quatros the Pallene is the preamp of the MIMAS Aesthetix is a great match with Vandys I had the Ayre in my system when I was waiting for the Pallene  I pick the Aesthetix over the Ayre I felt mo... 
Recommendation for Dac for streamer
I have a Aurender N10 and the DAC is the Ayre Codex planning on upgrading to Aesthetix Pandora  at $6500Enjoy the MusicTom